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Jew dresses up as real life monster: Hitler

This just in:

Shunning the typical ghost or ghoul holiday get-ups, Walter Petryk, a 16-year-old honors student at Leon M. Goldstein High School in Manhattan Beach, instead chose to emulate a real-life monster: Adolf Hitler.

“This demonstrates the tremendous need that this student has to learn who Hitler was and learn how totally inappropriate and offensive it is to wear such a costume,” said Joel Levy, ADL’s New York regional director.
Donna Lieberman, the executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, said students “don’t check their right to free speech when they enter school.”
She continued, “But schools do have broader latitude to restrict speech when it is educationally unsuitable or inappropriate.”
“Political speech cannot be curtailed unless it is materially disruptive. The Department of Education’s comments indicate it is aware of this standard,” Lieberman said.

In response, the students and parents from Brooklyn’s Leon Goldstein High School plan to march to the nearby Holocaust Memorial Park Monday morning to denounce a student’s appearance in an Adolf Hitler costume on Halloween.
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19 thoughts on “Jew dresses up as real life monster: Hitler

  1. the article I read in the NY Post yesterday said that he was spoofing the Producers and that his step-father is Jewish.

  2. I agree with Ben, the kid is clever. If we can’t laugh about the Holocaust, then someone else will. Besides, dressing up like Hitler doesn’t mean you’re okay with what he did. People always dress up as evil mythical creatures, so what if he’s a real evil creature. Hitler = funny.

  3. why is this news? Anyone see South Park FIVE YEARS AGO? didn’t mobius tell you about the holloween party at school where the kid who got dressed up like jesus was thrown out of school and hitler was simply asked to remove his armband or something like that?
    so as mobi would ask WTF?!!!! This is news? not.

  4. how is this different than people (kids, even!) dressing up as Haman on Purim? Granted I haven’t read the details, but unless this kid was saying things like “i’m great” or purposely hailing nazi propaganda as positive, I don’t have a problem with this. They’re high school kids—although clearly we’re not at the stage of history of people actually forgetting the Holocaust or not knowing who Hitler was (at least in Manhattan Beach or Park Slope), it is important for learning for kids and adults to have interactive representations of history….there are tons of insane halloween costumes out there, and while i’m not a huge fan of the holiday, the more unique costumes at least make it a little bit educational…
    I have now read the articles and this kid and his family clearly have a nuanced perspective of the costume as satire – it’s not like he took the costume out of his closet of every-day neo-nazi uniforms. in a world that embraces Borat, i mean, come on…why should we expect high school students to live in a bubble of false innocence…

  5. It’s too bad that Joel Levy and the ADL are not more concerned about real anti-Semitic (and racist and anti-Christian) hate speech at, including blood libels of Jews, Evangelical Christians, and the U.S. Government, than someone dressing up as Hitler for Halloween. Unlike the student who dressed to portray Hitler as a “Halloween monster,” the stuff at was serious.
    Of course,, being a left-wing organization, gets a pass from the ADL. ADL’s opposition to real hate speech ends where the John Kerry branch of the Democratic Party begins, just as’s support for women’s and gay rights ends where the militant “Islamic” world begins. I have reams of proof on the latter, by the way.

  6. A singular point of ethnic pride, for me, is that something approaching 90% of American Jews not only count themselves as proud members of the “John Kerry wing” of the Democratic Party, but are among the most enthusiastic proponents of the view that the Simpering Imbecile is, morally and intellectually, the most manifestly unfit human being ever to sit his ass on a White House toilet, much less in the Oval Office.
    Please feel free to continue presenting the free-associative evidence that MoveOn is a Nazi front; we couldn’t care less. Specifically, we just don’t give a shit that MoveOn fails to delete every anti-Semitic comment from its site on a daily basis, or that it bans the occasional mind-numbingly dull, paranoid one-note conspiracy theorist. If that makes me an anti-Semite, then Ich bin a Jew hater.
    The Republican Party is bad for Israel; bad for the Jews; bad for America; and bad for humanity. Happily, the proportion of Jews who recognize that state of affairs is higher than that of just about any other ethnic group in the United States.

  7. Kudos, again, as usual, David Smith. You have posted what I was planning to write, in a much more passionate and intelligent way than I might have even IMAGINED doing.
    Rabbi Arthur Waskow has a post on The Shalom Center site, condemning the lies of the rightwing in calling Moveon anti-semitic.
    The intimidation tactics against progressive* Jews isn’t working anymore, Mr. Levinson. Not only are US Jews refusing to accept your brand of hatred, but Israeli Jews are getting sick of it, too.
    When I was in Israel this summer, I was, of course, not surprised to be yelled at by my friends in the peace camps, on why the US population does not double impeach the Dick and his idiot-boy. But, I was kind of shocked to get yelled at in the same way, by my friends in the IDF, who rightly know that the monsters occupying the WH are out to destroy Israel — the idiot-boy because he’s a blood-thirsty sadistic meggido-is

  8. “A singular point of ethnic pride, for me, is that something approaching 90% of American Jews not only count themselves as proud members of the “John Kerry wing” of the Democratic Party,”
    If I were part of the John Kerry wing of the Democratric Party, I would be ashamed to show my face in public. Didn’t John Kerry just deride the men and women of our Armed Forces as too stupid to do anything but go to Iraq (even though plenty of them are National Guard and Reserve personnel who left comfortable civilian jobs to serve)? Even worse, he is a confessed war criminal whose false accusations that the rest of our Armed Forces were behaving like Genghis Khan doubtlessly prolonged the Vietnam War and killed thousands of American soldiers.
    The “simpering imbecile” as you call him has lost fewer than three thousand people in Iraq. Whether Iraq was worth those lives or not is an open subject for debate and there are two sides to that story. John Kerry may have helped kill some of them with his statement that Americans are “terrorizing” Iraqis, thus helping the enemy recruit more terrorists. His actions during the Vietnam War, when he said things at home that John McCain was being tortured for not saying, may easily have written thousands of extra names on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall in Washington DC. In fact, he may have even won the war for the enemy, thus paving the way for genocides in Cambodia and mass executions in South Vietnam.
    “Specifically, we just don’t give a shit that MoveOn fails to delete every anti-Semitic comment from its site on a daily basis, or that it bans the occasional mind-numbingly dull, paranoid one-note conspiracy theorist. If that makes me an anti-Semite, then Ich bin a Jew hater.” Well, certainly deleted pro-Israel commentary and criticisms of on an almost-daily basis while letting 9/11 conspiracy theories stand. Now, if I let Ku Klux Klansmen burn a cross in my back yard while banning those who want to protest the Ku Klux Klan, it’s pretty obvious what I am even if I do not put on a sheet and hood myself. It should be equally clear what is: if not a hate organization, an organization that welcomes hate speech while censoring criticism of the hate speech.
    “Rabbi Arthur Waskow has a post on The Shalom Center site, condemning the lies of the rightwing in calling Moveon anti-semitic.” You will always find people like this, e.g. the Judenrat character played by Donald Sutherland in “Uprising,” who force themselves to believe that the Jews are being taken away to nice recreational facilities instead of concentration camps. Now, which of the following facts do you or Rabbi Waskow challenge?
    (1) The Action Forum contained dozens of items of hate speech directed not only at Jews but also Catholics, Evangelical Christians, and African-Americans.
    (2)’s moderators saw the hate speech and chose to let it stand, as proven by not only my experience and Jan Poller’s but also the Action Forum FAQ, which says MoveOn monitored the forum for ideas and read each piece (including the hate speech) twice.
    (3) removed only a fraction of the hate speech when Eli Pariser says it did, noting that I harvested most of the material more than two weeks afterward.
    (4) The MoveOn community voted overwhelming approval of the hate speech in question.
    Anyway, thanks for telling me about Rabbi Arthur Waskow. I found the site here and I see that Jan Poller has more than answered him, but I will pile on as well.×29493
    As seen here, MoveOn’s Noah Winer is just as truth-challenged as Eli Pariser and I am amazed that he stuck his organization’s head out with this interview, which I have already turned against on several blogs like IsraPundit and NetWMD. Winer should know enough not to see and raise when he has no cards and his opponents hold all the aces. Perhaps he can be excused for this catastrophically-poor judgment, as he is only in his mid-twenties (as is Pariser), and probably with a degree in political science or something like that. I’m somewhat older, with both formal education and self-teaching in organizational behavior, organizational psychology, and similar sciences. I am good enough at what I do to have destroyed the Million Mom March in 2000-2001 by exposing its misuse of tax-exempt money for electioneering, as well as lying to its own rank-and-file. I also laid waste to the International Solidarity Movement’s attempt to use Rachel Corrie for anti-Israel propaganda purposes; they don’t talk about her as eagerly as they once did. The above events will destroy, if not in this election, before the next one.
    Now that it’s too late to help, I’ll tell you what should have done to save itself. Whether sincere or not, it should have issued the most abject possible apology for the mismanagement of its Action Forum instead of responding with easily-disprovable lies. Much as I dislike, I quite frankly don’t see how I or others on my side could have pursued this action much further. It’s considered bad form to keep attacking someone who has apologized, as long as their subsequent actions show that they mean it. While might have taken some lumps up front, this controversy would not be a wound that my allies and I now have every right to keep reopening on a daily basis. Noah Winer’s interview with Jewschool simply gave us yet another opportunity to hit in every possible venue, because his statements are so easy to disprove. By this time, though, there is absolutely nothing can do to salvage the situation. An apology instead of a long spiel of excuses and lies on September 2 would probably have worked but now it is the beginning of the end.
    John Kerry did exactly the same thing. Not only did he smear our Armed Forces, he refused to apologize several times before he finally did (perhaps because other Democrats read him the riot act). These John Kerry/ MoveOn Democrats are the Democrats’ worst enemies.
    By the way, does this look like a blood libel to you? It sure does to me, and it’s right off MoveOn’s Action Forum.
    Massacre in Gaza from [note the source]
    By Khalid Amayreh Jun 11, 2006, 14:52
    The latest carnage is of course not the first of its kind, and it most certainly won’t be the last. Massacres, after all, have always been Israel’s modus operandi. Israel itself inaugurated its birth with “holy massacres” as Talmudic sages would tell us.
    In truth, Zionists have committed more massacres per capita than any other people on earth since Adam and Eve. In fact, one can safely say that wanton killings and massacres are piece and parcel of being Zionist.
    I understand that there are Jews who condemn the pornographic slaughter in Gaza, people like Uri Avneri and like-minded Jews. We salute those people, who are our natural partners in the quest for a just and durable peace in Palestine.
    … This murderous cannibalism doesn’t come out of the blue. Today in Israel, school curricula are dominated by the Talmud, especially a specific Talmudic text called Shulhan Aruch.
    In this text, Jews are commanded to slaughter non-Jews who are viewed more or less as animals or at least lesser human beings.
    It sure looks like a blood libel to me, and 10 out of 13 Action Forum members agreed that the Talmud is a “hateful scripture” and Israel is run by “Judeo-Nazis.” MoveOn’s moderators had no trouble at all with this one, although they were very diligent about deleting Jan’s pro-Israel material and my criticism of the hate speech.

  9. For entertainment, I browsed a file of 5000 Action Forum postings that I downloaded before they took the forum offline. Here is more tolerant and intelligent discourse from the Action Forum community.
    4740. Evangelicals (from downloaded Action Forum archive)
    There are several million people (Randi Rhodes says 20 to 25 million) who it seems progressives simply can’t convince of their stupidity. They are the Born Again Christians or Evangelical Christians. I, like Randi, have given up on them because they simply hate science, and I can’t deal with people like that. We need someone – not me – to see if something can’t be done about that. Those people are “shooting themselves in the foot” because they are poor and letting the rich control them, but are too dumb to know it. The Evangelicals are a small part of Christians. Why can’t mainstream Christians do something about them?”
    70 percent voted to agree that “something” should be done about science-hating Evangelical Christians
    “…How do we get the Democrats to start using a coherent strategy of fighting the BushCheney regime by really enumerating their long, long list of worldwide crime, terrorism and corruption, when they’re not so great themselves? They too, have toadied to the Christiano-fascist White Wing extremists– They too, give knee-jerk carte blanche to the Ziono-fascist State of Israel (whose recent actions in Lebanon have thrown thoughtful, progressive Jews in the US and Israel into an agony of conflicting emotions).”
    90 percent voted to agree with this anti-Christian, racist, and anti-Israel tirade. Of course, Israel’s self-defense against terrorists operating out of Lebanon is evil but the terrorism is just fine.
    These guys friends of anyone here? I thought not. 🙂

  10. Speaking of Evangelicals, I just heard that the nickname for the Nat’l Assoc. of Evangelicals is the Crystal Methodists. They even have their own brand of KY — Evang – Jelly.
    It was also pointed out to me, that the difference between Democrats and Republicans — particurlarly Evangelical Republicans — on the ‘moral’ issue of gay marriage, is that the Democrats support gay marriage, and the Republicans just want the sex and drugs.
    Really, Bill, I don’t think anyone hear is intimidated by your O’Liely – like fear tactics.

  11. Miriam, I think I’m doing a pretty darn good job:,7340,L-3322915,00.html for Rabbi Levi Brackman, “US Jews, reconsider support for left.”
    If you look at the Jewschool interview with Noah Winer, you will see that Jan Poller and I pretty much cut his arguments to pieces. The Jspot site has pretty much given up on trying to defend, although it’s still running its petition. I think even the National Jewish Democratic Council is starting to regret getting into this controversy.
    Actually, I thought that the story was that Democrats have sex and Republicans don’t. On the other hand, we have a Republican congressman here who was caught cheating on his wife.

  12. Wow Bill!
    You sure seem like a fun guy. I bet you’re awesome at parties. I don’t really feel like addressing all your other nonsense, since, well, the sun is out and I like having a social life, but I can’t help but wonder about what you said about Kerry and how his little misinterpreted joke is apparently going to cause American deaths in Iraq…
    Do you think it will cause more or less death than when Bush openly baited the Iraqis by saying “bring it on”?
    Or was that just, you know, legitimate discourse?

  13. Balaam’s Donkey,
    Telling someone who is already trying to kill our people to “bring it on” is not going to make the enemy do anything he is not doing already. I don’t think the enemy can use it to recruit more terrorists.
    Telling the world that our soldiers are “terrorizing” Iraqi civilians, as Kerry did, does in fact help the enemy recruit more terrorists who will kill our people.
    Kerry’s “joke” was not misinterpreted. I listened to it four times to make sure I heard correctly. He said what my side says that he said.
    My side is beating because we are right and is wrong. Otherwise we could not lay a finger on them.

  14. Well,
    My transformers collection is bigger than yours and you always get picked last for dodgeball.
    Your “side” certainly isn’t winning the web design battle.
    You’ve gone after mothers for gun control and I suppose those are probably the groups of people most worth shutting down in America.
    Whatever you gotta do to feel special, man. Go for it.

  15. speaks for itself re: MoveOn’s conduct in the 2004 election
    Move-On.Org Enjoined by Court for Voter Intimidation and Harassment
    On Election Day, two individuals in Franklin County were threatened and harassed at the
    polling place by agents of after being asked about their voting preference and
    revealing their intention to vote Republican. Similar situations occurred in virtually every
    county around the state and prompted a lawsuit filed in the Franklin County Common Pleas
    Court. Voters were intimidated by in an attempt to dissuade them from voting for
    George W. Bush or in an attempt to harass them after they voted.
    Examples of such intimidation include one Plaintiff who arrived at his polling place and
    was called over to a table operated by MoveOn.Org that promised “Free Coffee.” The Plaintiff
    asked for a cup of coffee, was asked if he would voter for Kerry, and responded that he would
    not. The person at the table refused him a cup of coffee. The Plaintiff then noticed that
    individual and others were standing near the Plaintiff’s car. When he exited the polling place,
    the MoveOn.Org table was placed in front of his car, blocking his exit. When he asked them to
    move, the individuals harassed him, took his picture and recorded his license plate.

  16. Bill, the people commenting negatively on what you are bringing up about MoveOn clearly can’t deal with facts when facts happen to disturb their particular ideological biases. There is nothing new about that and it is not unique to left. Right-wing ideologues at places like LGF do the same sort of thing. When you present them with facts they can’t refute they resort to name-calling.

  17. Hitler was a very smart man. Yes, he was a demon and monster. but he made so many weapons tht weren’t even thought of. He made an army that could have taken over the world.

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