5 thoughts on “Jew-Hating Jackson Gearing Up For Islam?

  1. I don’t blame him for being angry. He is obviously a victim of the cabal between Jews and toddlers out to destroy the reputation and wealth of all famous pop stars. Grand Mufti hit it on the end that as hurtful as it is when a repeat and unrepentant child molestor says hateful things about Jews, it is even more hurtful when he is a famous unrepentant child molestor.
    I hope Rabbi Shumely continues his important work of counseling and comforting repeat, unrepentant child molestors and hopefully he and the ADL will persuade them that the most important thing is not to be as vocally anti-Semitic.

  2. Nice to agree with David.
    Should it really surprise anyone that a pedophile who mutalites himself also might hate Jews?

  3. Don’t be so hard on the guy. Seriously. A little compassion is appropriate. This is obviously a very troubled human being, totally uneducated, with serious identity problems — otherwise known as a mental healt issue. It isn’t surprising that such a naive person might fall under the spell of racist anti-Semitism, which is highly organized and, to a non-Jew, superficially palusible. The anti-Semitic canards that have persisted all these centuries obviously have an appeal that goes beyond logic. Insults and fulminating won’t help.

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