Jew Watch Goes MIA

Has anyone else noticed that Jew Watch is now completely missing from Google’s index when searching for the word “Jew”?

[Update] To the neo-Nazi scumfucks visting us from the Resistance Records and Micetrap Records websites (where white power wussies are whining about our lil’ Googlebomb and giving us free promo in the process), I’d just like to welcome you to the chood by saying, AM YISROEL CHAI, BITCHES!

“You guys take shekels? Cuz uh, I just got back from a trip to Israel and all I got is a pocketfull of shekels…”

[Update] Google addresses magically disappearing Jew Watch.

20 thoughts on “Jew Watch Goes MIA

  1. I am not sure if it has anything to do with it, but I noticed that jewwatch.com was down for a period of time and I was also forwarded this email
    From: “Abuse Team”
    To: “Jewwatch Webmsater” ,
    Subject: AUP/TOS Violation [] Case #: 2601
    It has come to our attention that your server located at [] is in violation of our AUP/TOS by way of the following URL(S): http://www.Jewwatch.com
    The URL(S) stated above is in violation by way of this site violates our aup/tos and must be removed by friday April 16, 2004 at 08:00 CDT.
    We must demand that you take prompt action in the removal of the material in questionor we will be forced to take further action. The time is now 4/13/04 2:37:31 PM.
    Please email any correspondance to [email protected]. Also be sure to keep the case # in the subject line
    for quicker reference. Thank you in advance for your prompt cooperation.

    Abuse Team
    [email protected]

  2. yes, I notice that not only was it not listed anymore by Google but it was gone to.
    I guess you Jews must really control the media to do this!
    And in fact you Jews seem to control everything.
    How dare you remove Jewwatch because you are offended.

  3. Hey mobius, can see what IP address that third post came from? Maybe we can shut him down too. i mean, apparently we control the media and the internet, LOL

  4. You can still find Jew Watch here: http://www.nazi-lauck-nsdapao.com/jew-watch/
    And if you go to the index site, you can purchase Nazi movies, flag, pins, posters and what not. You can also get books and movies on Jews. Though, I didn’t see Exodus (neither movie or book!), Fiddler on the Roof, From Beirut to Jerusalem, or anything by Neil Diamond. I’m hoping they update their selection soon 🙂

  5. Yeah alright I must applaud the one step, but what about the rest…? And these sites that are just making a mockery out of the Jewish Culture, from “what they think they know”, Google, even made a page of an explanation they had on there reasoning for the search of Jew.. haha..

  6. Regarding that anonymous post that includes these lines:
    I guess you Jews must really control the media to do this!
    And in fact you Jews seem to control everything.
    I’m not sure if this is meant as a joke or not. At any rate, let me tell you, I WISH we “controlled the media” and “control everything.” Oy, how I wish we did. Because it’d be a fairer, juster, more truthful world. As it is, it’s kind of a toss-up between the UN, CNN.com, and Al-Jazeera.

  7. Well, I have noticed that the J-watch site is back up and running at it’s old address, I also did some research and found that the owner has recently re-purchased the domain name until 2013 or something like that. I’m not sure what that e-mail refers to in terms of violation, but at least the site isn’t in the top search results any more.

  8. So……was it removed by google? It would seem so. I hate censorship, even if it for scum sucking hate mongers.
    That’s what scares me here. No peep about them not even being listed. We need some serious investigative reporting here.

  9. One thing that Google (or maybe dmoz.org) did was remove jewwatch from its list of antisemitic hate sites. It used to be on this list:
    (Arguably, it belongs there. But its removal certainly hurts Jewwatch’s ranking)
    It’s still listed under one other category:
    But it’s possible Google has modified their formula so appearing under the hate category of their directory has less meaning.
    Jewwatch’s server used to be stormfront. It’s hard to imagine a TOS violation they could have violated. (Except maybe traffic)
    When you do a DNS WHOIS lookup it no longer gives Frank Weltner’s St. Louis address. He now has a NetworkSolutions private registry. So it lists his server as ns1.jewwatch.com, and his address as Network Solutions
    Now…I’m not sure…but does Network Solutions have a TOS requirement for use of private registries? That’s something to look into.

  10. john — it was stormfront’s hosting provider who discontinued both stormfront and jew watch’s sites. stormfront relocated to a new hosting provider.

  11. Even if stormfront doesn’t have its own server, I still say it’s strange. There are hosting providers out there that regularly host hate sites. That have almost no TOS content restrictions. You’d think that stormfront and weltner would be using those. Maybe they are now.

  12. They have such heavy traffic on their message boards they may have trouble finding somewhere that can handle the traffic. I went over there to lurk to see what they said in regards to the google situation. A lot of messed up DNA over there.

  13. The exception to the sacred freedom of speech rule has been that one is NOT free to shout “Fire! ” in a crowded theatre (unless there IS a fire). Thanks to the internet & other modern media, our over-populated earth is a crowded theatre these days, and aiding and abetting bigotry and race-hatred is akin to crying “Fire!” Precious as the principle of freedom of speech is, the preservation of life is more precious still.
    We need to go after what comes up when you type “Jew”and then select “images” from the options above that.

  14. I’m all for fighting these guys, but we’ve got to ask ourselves, when is it going to be enough? Have you read their sites? They make us out to be so powerful, they think a Jew is going to leap out of their own shadows. Yeah, these guys are full of hate, and yeah they will teach it to their children, but how many people in the world actually believe what they say? Instead of trying to write every wrong or correct every slanderous statement against us, in the long run I believe we will be more effective as a community if we keep doing what we do well: educated our children and challenge the world to be a better place. In 200 years, unless the world goes to hell in a handbasket, these guys will be remembered as the last bits of a dying ideology. I’m being optimistic, but really, how much fun is life if it’s all struggle and no rejoice?

  15. Boycott Network Solutions, the new registrar for Jewwatch refuses to honor their terms of service for accepptable use, only parroting back some ninth circuit court decision when folks email and ask them to honor their own TOS. The rest of this post is kinda long.. shows their typical response:
    Dear “Amy” / Networksolutions:
    I got your response… here’s mine:
    You say that
    “As an accredited registrar of domain names our responsibilities are limited
    to the registration of a specific domain name. We have no jurisdiction over
    the how that domain name may be used.”
    Which is a “legal denial of responsibility”.
    This isn’t a legal issue! It’s one of responsibility and your own terms of
    You also post the following contractual terms and conditions and acceptable
    use policies for those who have registered with Network Solutions
    You have been repeatedly asked only to HONOR YOUR OWN TERMS OF SERVICE in
    regard to the hate-site “Jewwatch” which has been the subject of
    considerable adverse publicity for Google, and was allegedly thrown out bu
    their last registrar April 17th when they reregistered with Network
    By failing to enforce your own terms and conditions, you, therefore, support
    the hate site and it’s message.
    I am now recommending a BOYCOTT of Network Solutions to ALL who will listen.
    Members of the “Concerned Jewish Community” (as you call it) can decide for
    themselves if they wish to do business with you. I’m sure many folks will
    show their support against hate by choosing other registrars for their
    domains and other ISP solutions.
    All my domains are now with other registrars. I will no longer use Network
    You can choose to hide behind a court decision that has NO RELEVANCE to the
    choice to enforce your own terms of service.
    My hope is that on a single day… perhaps Israel Independence Day May 14,
    at noon eastern time, thousands of folks will choose to relocate to other
    registrars. That’s their choice of course, and it will cost them a fee to
    make that move if they choose. Keep in mind, then, we are talking about 10’s
    of thousands of dollars in fees for people to vote with their feet. Should
    something like that occur; you would most certainly realize the business
    impact of your decision. The impact to Network Solutions? — Well it is
    what it is. I’m already hosted elsewhere now. So this would be up to
    Network Solutions has chosen to support an anti-Semitic hate-site by not
    enforcing it’s own rules, and owners of domains can choose from a large
    number of other registrars.
    I hope many people like this idea and let you know… Honestly, I’d prefer
    you to be as responsible as Google has been in addressing this… much
    better than a Boycott. The goal is to fight hate, not to single out Network
    Solutions. (You have done that yourself). Since this will take a while to
    circulate the net… plenty of time for NS to do what’s right! Maybe no one
    will care, and no Boycott will take place… like I said, folks are free to
    decide whom they want to do business with.
    This “Jew for Jews” won’t be doing business with Network Solutions while
    Jewwatch is under your private registration protection.
    So go ahead, reply as you have five times with the “ninth Circuit” mantra.
    The more you hide behind that, the more you will motivate those wishing to
    publicize a boycott!
    >—–Original Message—–
    >From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
    >Sent: Monday, April 26, 2004 12:54 PM
    >Subject: RE: NS Customer Satisfaction Survey Trigger – amy
    >Dear Concerned Jewish Community,
    >Thank you for taking the time to fill out our Customer Satisfaction Survey.
    >We were sorry to read that your issue was not resolved, and we want to fix
    >this as soon as possible. We regret and apologize for any inconvenience
    >this issue has caused you.
    >Your survey has been forwarded to the Network Solutions Customer
    >Satisfaction team who is currently researching your issue.
    >We appreciate the sensitive nature of some of the content that is included
    >on certain Web sites. As an accredited registrar of
    >domain names our responsibilities are limited to the registration of a
    >specific domain name. We have no jurisdiction over the how
    >that domain name may be used.
    >On November 1, 1999, a three-judge panel of the U. S. Court of Appeals for
    >the Ninth-Circuit ruled that Network Solutions has no responsibility or
    >to police the rights of trademark owners concerning domain names.
    >If the domain owner in question is conducting criminal activity we would
    >you to defer to either the police or the proper authorities.
    >If you need any further assistance regarding this issue, please e-mail me
    >[email protected] and refer to your new Service Request Number
    >For all other issues, please call our regular Customer Service line 24
    >a day, at 1-888-642-9675 and a representative will be happy to help you.
    >you are calling from outside of the U.S., please dial 703-742-0914.
    >Alternatively, please feel free to e-mail Customer Service at
    >[email protected].
    >Amy Lukashunas
    >Customer Satisfaction Specialist
    >Network Solutions
    >[email protected]

  16. ummm…their registrar didn’t kick them off…their host-provider did. I think Network Solutions has been their registrar from the beginning.
    They’ve recently purchased a private registration from Network Solutions. Some registrars have a specific TOS for that. I couldn’t find such on NetSol’s site, but it might be there.
    I think I’d have a problem with any registrar that refused to sell a domain name. Who is to define hate? But if they do have a TOS/AUP policy for some of their extra services, then they should honor that policy.

  17. http://www.networksolutions.com/en_US/legal/static-service-agreement.jhtml
    Network Solutions Service Agreement. It mentions it might revoke a private registry for legal violations — but spreading of hate isn’t illegal yet in the US. (It is in some countries, but Network Solutions is a US business) I can’t find anything that I know JewWatch violates, but I haven’t searched through it with a fine-tooth comb.
    In general principle I don’t use Network Solutions anyway. You can get a domain registered for less than a third of their price elsewhere.

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