JewFusion?In Fight Club, Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) holds a gun to a shop-owener’s head, and makes the man promise to pursue his dreams. The shop-owner tastes death, and is given no choice but to emerge a deeply changed and newly invigorated man. Yesterday, we were reminded of death. As soon as we emerge, we begin to prepare our booths, serving (at least) two purposes – a reminder of the impermanence of stuff and a time when it becomes our sacred obligation to be joyful. In a sense, it really is a Jew recharger (and I’m way in favor of, say, a solar-powered space heater).
We’ve emerged, and it’s time to make our dreams come true. Now, I’m going to make the assumption that you’re dreaming about four (or five) days of creative, wonderful, alive Judaism tucked away in the Borscht Belt.
You’re dreaming of LimmudNY. No way.
I had the good fortune of attending last year‘s LimmudNY (at the recommendation of the Jewschool crew), and got my first real taste of Judaism for, by and of the people.
LimmudNY brings Jews of all ages and diverse backgrounds together for a weekend of celebration and learning. It is a dynamic, creative, and interactive environment, run almost exclusively by volunteers, which fosters personal growth and Jewish education. LimmudNY brings together Jews from all walks of life, backgrounds, lifestyles and ages.
The conference offers hundreds of diverse, innovative programs celebrating Jewfusion. They range from interactive lectures, concerts by renowned musical artists, and activities for children and families, to film screenings, opportunities for artistic creation, text study, and panel discussions around the social issues that shape the daily lives of New York area Jews (or Jews from anywhere).
This year, LimmudNY will take place over MLK Weekend – January 11-15, 2007 at the Friar Tuck Convention Center in Catskill, NY.
This year’s conference features a plethora of amazing presenters, and over the coming weeks and months, Jewschool will be highlighting the work of a few of these amazing folk. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to meet some of the Jewschool gang. (actually, to begin – check out this story about Yuri Lane and the Hip Hop Sulha in USA Today).
LimmudNY is also one of the most affordable experiences of its kind. There are fellowships for high school, undergrad, and graduate students to attend for only $150! If you haven’t been in past years, there are 74 first-timer $50 discounts still available.
LimmudNY has sold out every year, so register early!
For a better idea of what LimmudNY looks like, check out last year’s program and photos.
Register Now: Go to www.limmudny.org. Scholarships are available. For more information, contact info -at- limmudny -dot- org.
Jewschool is proud to be a media sponsor of LimmudNY. We’ll be posting right up through the conference. Check back for updates.

2 thoughts on “JewFusion?

  1. i know you guys aren’t making money and i applaud what you’re doing, but a $500 weekend is still too expensive for this independent freelancer, especially with the “single supplement.”

  2. Sarah,
    as an activist I had the same concerns last year. There are a lot of opportunities for scholarships. if you’re interested in going, you should apply for a scholarship, and if you can’t get enough help, say no thanks. Seriously, everyone should know there’s a lot of opportunity for support in getting folks there.
    For folks who want additional ideas of what Limmud is like, there were a few of us live-blogging the conference (including me, my first posts here at Jewschool) under the Limmud tag.

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