Jewish Chicks With Clips Rile SFers

Ashkan Sahihi, the photographer responsible for the exceptionally inappropriate Cum Shots series dubbed “weirdly compelling” by The Village Voice, is stirring up a new bit of controversy in the Bay Area with his latest collection, Women of the IDF. “It is interesting to pick subject matter where people have a black-and-white approach. I pick subject matter where you have to look at it from many angles,” says Sahihi. “I find beauty in this.”

4 thoughts on “Jewish Chicks With Clips Rile SFers

  1. The real insanity is that the 10,000 e-mails that were sent to protest the exhibit for being a bunch of pro-Israel propaganda, probably have no problem with “art” pieces like these.
    Whether the photographer is pro-Israel or not, the photos are just examples of women in the IDF– no glorification that I caught onto (other than the girls’ attractiveness… but it’s not their fault that they’re goodlooking!)

  2. “We were criticized for putting on an art show consisting of nothing more than pictures of ‘fascist chicks with guns,’”
    Another reason why I could never align myslef with the “left”.

  3. I expected to find here some pictures of beautiful jewish chicks and instead of it I only found a some sick cum-shot photos.. :/ aren’t jewish girls beautiful enough to create on-line gallery where they could be admired? it seems that my only chance to see any of them is to visit jewishmingle.com again or Bednarska college in Warsaw..I’m dissapointed. google lies.

  4. hmm.. I haven’t seen those pics with army-girls before.. (only with faces covered with cum.. :/) they’re hot. I’m gonna move to Israel.

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