Jewish Dates for singles and couples alike

Sick of explaining to goyim why the Jewish holidays hardly ever fall on the same date from year to year? Looking for evidence to blame the brits for enforcing the Gregorian calandar on our country? The JCAL-Jewish Calendar Software company provides a clearly outlined History and Rules of the Jewish Calendar. Other resources include looking up a Gregorian date for looking up yahrzeits, birthdays, and anniversaries, Torah readings, Shabbat candle lighting times, or to simply convert any date, you can use the automatic Hebrew Date Converter. Finally, if you would like to download a shareware Jewish calendar for your use, check out Calendar Maven’s Hebrew Calendar.

11 thoughts on “Jewish Dates for singles and couples alike

  1. hey it was my birthday yesterday
    Tue 24-Jun-2003 Daniel Sieradski’s Hebrew Birthday (24th of Sivan, 5763)

  2. Do you all use the word “goyim” on this site a lot? Goy who know what that means take it as a derogatory term.

  3. A collegue of mine responded with this:
    I found the simplest method is to add up the numerical values of the Hebrew letters add 5,000 to them and then subtract 3,761 from the sum. For example if you have a date of taf shin kaf vav on the title page, taf =400 shin=300 kaf=20 and vav=6, so the sum is 726. adding 5,000 gives a total of 5,726 (number of years since creation). 5,726-3,761=1965 which is the Gregorian (Roman) date. You can find a chart of these values in many Hebrew-English dictionaries including Ben-Yehudah’s.
    However, there is one caveat in these calculations. Since the beginnings of the Jewish and Gregorian year don’t coincide, 5,726 may be a Gregorian date of either 1965 or 1966.
    Additionally, Yale has a gematria calculator to help adding up the letter values.

  4. every time eric goes out with me to a jewish event he introduces himself as the resident shaygetz. “hello, my name is eric, i’ll be your shaygetz for the evening…”

  5. Interesting. Maybe it’s a regional thing that goy is considered deragatory.
    I have definitly been called it as an insult before on more than one occasion.
    Maybe I’ll respond with something like, “It’s sheygetz, doofus.”

  6. The following is taken from “The New Joys of Yiddish” explanatory dictionary by Leo Rosen.
    Goy: from the Hebrew: goy, “nation.”
    1. A Gentile—that is, anyone who is not a Jew.
    a. It is important to note that the idea of respect for others and the values of a pluralistic society form an old, integral part of Judaism and Jewish tradition. The rabbis taught that all people are equal in the eyes of God if they do the will of God.
    b. Mormons call any non-Mormon a Gentile; Jews are therefore Gentiles to Mormons; I have never met a Jews who knows how to adjust to this startling idea.
    2. Someone who is dull, insensitive, heartless
    Just as some Gentiles use “Jew” as a so some Jews use goy in a pejorative sense.
    Let me be clear that in my post I was referring to the simple, or literal Hebrew meaning of the word “Goy,” meaning “a non-Jew.”

  7. Thank you for your clearing that up Sarah. I’ve just been descriminated against for not being jewish a lot of my life.
    What do you even call revese anti-semitism? Is it anti-anti-semitism?

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