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Jewish Educator Mission to Haiti

Uri L’Tzedek is accepting applications from rabbis and Jewish educators to go to Haiti for 4-5 day education missions. The educator will visit with the team of Israelis and American Jews doing community development to further their learning. Applicants should have strong experience teaching:

  • Dynamic Jewish learning through texts, spirituality, and ritual
  • Leadership development
  • Social justice education

The social justice educator will create their own lessons and then receive support and training from an Uri L’Tzedek leadership team. The education mission, in partnership with Tevel B’Tzedek, will cover accommodations, kosher food, and transportation in Haiti. Participants or participants’ organizations will be responsible for the cost of travel to Haiti, which is only about 2 hours off of Florida.
Interested applicants should send their resumes and a ½ page letter of interest to  info – at-

2 thoughts on “Jewish Educator Mission to Haiti

  1. I’d be careful. With the left accusing Jewish doctors of ‘harvesting’ organs in Haiti, I don’t know what they’d make of ‘education’ visits.
    Anyhow what Haiti needs is help with cholera, not social justice teachers.

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