Jewish Girl Scouts/Israel Day Parade Mini-Controversy

It’s a couple of days old already but uh, JPost reports,

Jewish Girl Scouts in New York, who were warned by the national Girl Scouts against marching in uniform at the annual Israel Day Parade because it would be “insensitive to Arab Scouts,” have at the last minute received an okay.

That this should have even been an issue just doesn’t seem right…

[Update] The JTA reports,

“Ellen Christie, spokeswoman for Girl Scouts of the U.S.A., said that wasn’t true. “We would never tell the girls that they couldn’t participate in a parade,” she said. Christie said scouts are prohibited from marching only in parades endorsing political candidates.

Two years ago, however, local parents expressed concerned about the safety of girls marching in the parade because of tension in the Middle East, she said.

Erm, another example of pro-Israel reactionaryism?

4 thoughts on “Jewish Girl Scouts/Israel Day Parade Mini-Controversy

  1. You’re talking about the same organization that pulled sex-ed for the girls when religious fanatics boycotted girl scout cookies because of the education. I’m sure they are just trying not to rock the boat. Which is so great of them. (sarcasm)

  2. yeh well, let’s see what happens when Arab/Moslem girl scouts march for anti-Israel parades, keep yer eyes out.

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