Jewish Is Never In Brackets

London blogger Sashinka writes,

We are the New Jews. We are out and loud and proud. We are upfront. We are in your face. We talk loud and we don’t care. We’re the hello-I’m-Jewish-generation.

Old Jews speak of their Jewish identity in the hushed tones generally reserved for discussing terminal illness. Old Jews spend their time point-scoring on who’s Jewish – they so want Roman Abramovich to be Jewish, even if it’s just because of the money – whereas New Jews either don’t care, or, if desperate, consult Jewhoo.com.

Old Jew mindset: Jew-centric. Who’s Jewish? Is it good for the Jews? Are they – indeed, at last – out to get us? New Jews are entering into Jewish-Buddhist dialogue, saving the last synagogue in Calcutta and cycling for any cause necessary.

Old Jew mindset: when your (Jewish) boss whispers under his breath as you arrive at every meeting, unzerer. Of course, occasionally he has to whisper nisht unzerer.

New Jew mindset: Jewish is never in brackets.

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