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Jewish Moroccan trio: Try local born Peretz for war crimes

Amir PeretzHa’aretz reports:

Three Jewish Moroccans have submitted Rabat’s high court with a petition against Defense Minister Amir Peretz, accusing the Moroccan-born Israeli of war crimes.
Leftist activist Abraham Tsarfati, author Amran al-Malich and human rights group official Zion Asidon claim Peretz may be tried in the country due to his Moroccan citizenship.
“The criminal terrorist, Zionist Amir Peretz, has retained his Moroccan citizenship and is still registered in Morocco’s census,” the three told reporters during a press conference. “Moroccan law allows the trial of any Moroccan national who has committed war crimes in or out of the country.”

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16 thoughts on “Jewish Moroccan trio: Try local born Peretz for war crimes

  1. Were he tried and convicted, it would make no difference unless idiot-boy and his Dick, Rummy and ‘birth fangs’ were sent to The Hague.
    Would it be impolite to suggest that the word ‘Zionist’ only be used when discussing past history? Is there anyway to get people to otherwise keep it out of their vocabulary? The Zionists did their work. Can’t people just look at Israel as a country which is acting as the puppet of the US, which suffered a fascist cold coup six years ago? That would certainly put an end to anti-semitic diatribes.
    How many Chileans were killed by the nazi Pinochet, because Dulles opened the rat lines to some Nazis, and poured them into Central and South America? The monsters in our government have grown substantially in numbers and in power, since Eisenhower cryptically warned us against the ‘military industrial complex’ fifth column.
    The continuing devastation in Lebanon and Israel, will not end until we evict the bloodthirsty fascist monsters occupying the White House. Military sources in Israel and DC are leaking bits of info that birth fangs time with Olmert was spent trying to convince him to go far enough into Lebanon, to be able to move some WMD from the Negev, into Syria, for a nice October Surprise! to prevent democrats from taking over in Nov.
    Sound psychotic? Absolutely. But isn’t everything that’s currently happening, also psychotic?

  2. ““The criminal terrorist, Zionist Amir Peretz…”
    “…evict the bloodthirsty fascist monsters occupying the White House”
    Is it just me, or are Lefties, at least in tone (though my friends in Montreal claim it’s with fists and spit as well), more violent than the Right?
    By the way Brown, you may wanna read a nice piece in the Globe and Mail today about the “war crimes” being committed by the IDF. The author, a lawyer, claims they’re bunkier than bunk.

  3. I don’t often take this road, but that’s some sell-out shit.
    Those three are fucktards at best, bootlicks at worst.
    “Look! Look! We’re the GOOD Jews!”
    Like that shit would stop them from dropping The Boot on them at any point.

  4. I can’t work up anger for the Morocoan Jews – they live in an Arab society, their lives are no doubt often at risk, and being a third class citizen means you toady to the ruling powers (“yes massa”). I find far more disturbing the fringe left who live in a free society, have no risks, but continue to attach Israel, attack Bush, use disgusting vituperative language, and generally lower the level of discourse to a gutter level. What is going on here?

  5. a word about tsarfati: he has been an anti-Zionist for years (tho he recognizes israel) has always supported palestinian rights, and western sahara’s rights. He was a pro-democracy communist dissident during the reign of the last king. He has permanent disabilities from the torture he underwent at the hands of the king’s goons, then was exiled, and brought back by the current king. he regards it as a personal failure that he didnt do more to convince Moroccan Jewry not to emigrate to Israel.
    what he does, he certainly does not do from fear.

  6. shtreimel wrote: “By the way Brown, you may wanna read a nice piece in the Globe and Mail today about the “war crimes” being committed by the IDF. The author, a lawyer, claims they’re bunkier than bunk.”
    Well that’s interesting. Did he go onsite and actually investigate like HRW did? My guess is he didn’t and if not then why should I take his word over that of Human Rights Watch’s lawyers ? I’ll read it if you give a URL

  7. JB, because Human Rights Watch, along with Amnesty I., Pacifica Radio and the Guardian have a long history of antipathy towards Jews and Israel.

  8. HRW and AI should not be placed in the same catagory as Pacifica and the Guardian. HR groups are relying on facts almost all the time, and are generally seen as credible on those facts. It’s the interpretation of them that Israeli PR hacks object to.
    Pacifica on the other hand, has lots of shows, some of which can be vitriolic and biased against Israel.
    As a former communist, I have to say, Tsarfati is clearly a true believer and his motives should not be questioned…. He is authentically Jewish, Moroccan and Marxist-Leninist.

  9. AE, last time I looked, I was not a pr hack, for Israel, or for anyone else. I do care about Jews, and I don’t have to be hit on the head with a brick to know who hates me. AI and HRW are not my friends – nor yours.

  10. You can’t be an authentic Morrocan Jew and also be a Marxist Lenninist. I don’t question the fact that Tsarfati is a Jew mind you, but drop him off in any Moroccan Humus joint and the locals will eat him alive. My people have very little patience for “Mehboolim” like him. This story is a joke, this trial is a joke and those three Moroccan’s are an embarassment. Luckily, they have no following and no one of any consequence takes them seriously. They make me wanna spit.

  11. ck, ever hear of Charlie Biton? For those who don’t know, he was an Moroccan grass roots leader with the Israeli Black Panthers who later served as an MK with Hadash, the community led Knesset faction.
    Moroccan Communists have a fairly decent history, promoting socialism, opposing anti-Semitism, campaigning for the rights of the Western Sahara people, and so on.
    Moroccans in Israel were indoctrinated with racism; they were treated badly, due to the anti-Arab racism of the Askenazim, and sought to distinguish themselves from ‘the Arabs’ by adopting a racist, right wing politics. It’s less so with Moroccans than say Yemenites, who were treated much worse by Arabs.
    I’d rather be a Jewish communist in Morocco than a ‘soft on occupation’ American in Israel…

  12. Ck if you want to spit, then go ahead, feel free. It seems to me that these guys are honorable people basing their behavior on principle.
    If you are a fanatic and you believe that God gave you the land that other people have lived on for generations, then your actions will be condemned, and rightly so.
    This idea that you cannot be communist and jewish is absurd–as has been shown my many heros that fought the Nazis when the capitalist jews were capitulating and leading their families to the trains.
    These mens’ behavior are in the spirit of Jews throughout history (including Jesus) who have stuck their necks out for, not only the family, ethnic group, and religion–but for humankind.
    Honest men are the bane of little quisling minds.

  13. It would be good if the goon, Peretz, was apprehended and placed on trial in Morracoo. But thugs like Bush and Pinochet believe that they are too big, too powerful to ever be accountable to the world community for their crimes.
    Serving time in prision for the empire and its servants would function as an excellent example in the world.

  14. From Uri Avnery:
    Exactly nine months ago, after his election as Labor Party chairman, Peretz made a speech in Tel-Aviv’s Rabin Square in which he revealed his dream: that in the no-man’s land between Israel and the Gaza Strip a football field will be built, and a match between the Israeli children of Sderot and the Palestinian children of nearby Bet-Hanoun will take place. An Israeli Martin Luther King.
    Nine month’s later, a monster has been born to us.
    In the Knesset election campaign, Peretz appeared as a social revolutionary. He announced that he would change the face of Israeli society, set new national priorities, cut billions from the military budget and transfer them to education, welfare and measure to reduce the glaring gap between rich and poor. As a veteran peace-lover, he would, of course, achieve peace with the Palestinians and the entire Arab world.
    This won him the votes of many citizens, including many who would normally never consider voting for the Labor Party.
    What followed is history. He seduced himself, when Olmert offered him the Ministry of Defense. That was still Olmert the cynic. He knew, as we all did, that Peretz was walking into a trap, that as a rank civilian without serious military experience he would be easy prey for the generals. But Peretz did not shrink back. The supreme aim of his life is to become Prime Minister, and in order to become a credible candidate he believed that he must present himself as a security expert.
    Since then, Peretz has become a rabid warmonger. Not only does he endorse all the demands of the generals, not only does he act as their spokesman – he has also helped to push Israel into war, and since then he has been demanding that it should continue, enlarge, widen, kill more, destroy more, occupy more. He himself declared, “Nasrallah will never forget the name Amir Peretz!” – like a spoilt child inscribing his name on a tourist attraction.
    At the moment, he is trying to be more extreme even than Olmert. While the Prime Minister is afraid of continuing to advance, fearing that too many casualties from the rockets and the battle on the ground might cloud the brilliance of his victory, Peretz wants to reach the Litani River, whatever the cost. There’s no other way – if one wants to become Prime Minister, one has to walk over dead bodies.
    Thus a monster has been born to us. Rosemary’s Baby.

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