Jewish New Media Circle Jerk Talk Tonight!

Join me, Tahl Raz (Jewcy), Sara Ivry (Nextbook), Rebecca Wiener (Heeb), Esther Kustanowitz (PresenTense), and Ami Eden (JTA) tonight at the 92nd St. Y’s Warburg Lounge for a discussion on “how each have navigated from old to new and where they see themselves fitting in among the growing field of print, online, blogs and other sources of media, individual and cultural expression.” Or something like that.
Details here.

5 thoughts on “Jewish New Media Circle Jerk Talk Tonight!

  1. Mobius I love your posts. But please try not to go out of your way to offend unless there is a point to it. The title of this post is especially weird considering many of the names you mention are women.

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