2 thoughts on “Jewish Yoga Comes to Kansas

  1. I love yoga, though I’m not currently practicing.
    anyone know what our ‘hachamim’ and kabbalah says about the Eastern/oriental peoples/religions? Our memory seems to be entwined with the west, but we know that the folks out east have a history of about 5000 years as well.

  2. yeh, I do – I mean it’s basic Judaism, something you people should go and learn before sitting here and judging whow the world should be run…
    Avraham gave gifts to his children and sent them to the east…
    it’s in Chayei Sara, mfarshim – I mean, I know most of you godly (meaning, you make yourselves gods and make yourselves more moral than G-d) never learn those cause it’s too Jewish for you, but whatever

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