Jews for Jesus Sends 80,000 DVDs to Unsuspecting Orthodox Families

The Times Herald Record reports,

The DVD that came in the mail Saturday certainly looked enticing for Orthodox Jewish families.
The package was written in Hebrew; it had a disc tucked inside with a drawing of a robed, Old Testament figure blowing a ram’s horn. Anyone who played the DVD found a smoothly produced recreation of biblical stories with a voice-over in the familiar cadences of Yiddish.
But the DVD, which was recently sent to about 80,0000 households throughout Kiryas Joel and other Orthodox communities in New York and New Jersey, carried an unexpected message for intensely religious Jews awaiting the arrival of the Messiah:
He already came.

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5 thoughts on “Jews for Jesus Sends 80,000 DVDs to Unsuspecting Orthodox Families

  1. There’s an old ‘Dry Bones’-ish cartoon where the Hasid opens the door to his home to find someone who introduces himself as an emissary from Jews for Jesus. ‘So Nu,’ the Hasid replies ‘I suppose you’re a member of the Kamikaze Squadron?’
    (Or maybe he said ‘Suicide Squadron’, from an era before such things had real-world equivalents)

  2. BS”D
    Huh. Reminds me of what my friend, Marty Jaffee, once wrote about Christian Zionists: “…they will hug us to death on their way to The Rapture…”

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