Jews for Kosher Salami

Jews for Kosher Salami
Jackie Mason is suing Jews for Jesus for $2 million for using his name and likeness in one of their pamphlets. The great Yid is quoted as saying,

“While I have the utmost respect for people who practice the Christian faith, the fact is, as everyone knows, I am as Jewish as a matzo ball or kosher salami.”

In his affidavit, Mason states, “The pamphlet uses my name, my likeness, my `shtick’ (if you will), and my very act, which is derived from my personality, to attract attention and converts.”
In their press release on the subject, J4J spokesmodel proved exactly why they are the captains of the Good Ship Missing the Point Entirely, saying,

“We are not claiming Jackie Mason to be a Jew for Jesus. Of course, if he’s interested, we’re sure Jesus would welcome him as a follower.”

I’m proud of Mason, and I hope he gets every red cent plus a few. Maybe it’ll inspire some of the other folks they’ve appropriated in their pamphlets (Steve Jobs and the cast of Friends comes to mind, but not living in NYC, I’m not so up-to-date on the messianic propaganda) to do the same.

3 thoughts on “Jews for Kosher Salami

  1. This is like the one about Steve Jobs; I know adolescents who could do a better job. They should be sued for bad taste, if for no other reason. I’d like to see them sued into oblivion.

  2. In DC we see a lot of cartoon characters. Bart Simpson was a recent example.
    Mind you, the misappropriation of a Simpsons character or Jackie Mason’s “shtick” is dwarfed by the misuse of the word “Jews.”

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