Jews & Gun Control

The Jewish press is in a tizzy over the recent surfacing of a NRA anti-gun actvisit blacklist which “disproportionately” lists Jewish celebrities and organizations for their gun control advocacy and “suppression” of the 2nd amendment. In response, two sites have cropped up in the last few days, STOPtheNRA.com and NRAblacklist.com, which invite visitors to add themselves to the NRA’s blacklist and to join in a public condemnation of the organization.

While it’s obviously true that there is a strong progressive, liberal tradition in American Judaism which espouses gun policy reform, not all Jews are advocates of gun control. The far-right group Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership offers some interesting religious and political arguments for gun ownership. But are the JPFO extremist wackos, or do they raise valid contentions against the popular Jewish consensus that “guns are bad?”

2 thoughts on “Jews & Gun Control

  1. that’s a tough one
    I’m with the JPFO in terms of their interpretation of the 2nd Amendment to the US constitution
    but otherwise they do seem a little kooky, but not that kooky really.. If you ignore the talmudic angle
    JPFO says: “Jews’ history of murderous persecution by governments means that Jews should spearhead efforts to expand the individual civil right to be armed.”
    I do think an armed public is an obstacle to despotism.

  2. Babylonian,
    I agree. And that is exactly why one of the 1st things that Castro did when he took power was to go door to door collecting guns… and anyone who thinks that he was doing this “for the people” is a nut.

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