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Jews write the best holiday songs.

Since we long ago cornered the market on Christmas tunes, it’s about time we focused on building up Black-Jewish relations with cultural donations like this one:

(That’s Jewish composer, Jeff Marx, of Avenue Q fame, from yesterday’s episode of D.L. Hughley Breaks The News. Thanks to the chatterati for the tip.)
I leave it to the rest of you to explain the dearth of enjoyable Jewish holiday songs in English. Maybe we should have recruited Noel Coward and Cole Porter to pen some Purim ditties when we had the chance.

2 thoughts on “Jews write the best holiday songs.

  1. Very funny. Now if only I could get my family to sing that song this year I’d be less disappointed knowing that Chanukah Harry doesn’t really exist.

  2. Responding to this derth, Rabbi Joe Black and I came up with new Hanukkah songs in English including “eight Nights of Joy,” “Chanukkah Lights,” “Soufganiot,” Yodel Dreidel,” “Shine” and “Judah Maccabee.” They are featured on our new CD, “Eight Nights of Joy,” The purpose was not to become rich or famous–you can’t do that anyone by recording CDs!–but to get some new fun stuff out there in English. So I hope you enjoy it, everyone, and chag sameyach!

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