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Jewschool almost died

Jewschool was born in 2002 as a hub of diverse and iconoclastic perspectives.
Together, these disparate voices transformed themselves into a network for change. Debates unwelcome or even unheard of in mainstream discourse happened on
But we almost died in 2012.
Our all-volunteer team was dwindling and posts were scarce. Many of our original authors were getting real jobs in the communal landscape they’d helped create through Jewschool. Besides, blogs were “so 2006.”
What was our purpose? Much of what was radical then has become mainstream. Many initiatives had become full organizations. Many of us were now leaders, rabbis, middle management.
But many causes remained to be won. Younger agitators and activists have been picking up the same causes — with new vigor, new ideas, and new voices. And they were inspiring.
So earlier this year, Jewschool relaunched with a new mission and a new design. Our mission: to connect and broadcast Jewish activists and thinkers dissatisfied with the status quo.
We succeeded. Jewschool now has a reach of 20,000+ loyal readers a month and nearly 9,000 social media followers. We boast 35 volunteer editors and contributors. And we’re only getting started.
This year, we’ve already boosted dozens of campaigns by young (and wizened) progressive pioneers as they emerge: on Syrian refugees, Open Hillel, #IfNotNow, #BlackLivesMatter, same-sex marriage, and many others. Check out our Top Ten Posts of 2015.
As the editorial board of Jewschool, we see it as our duty to empower these causes long before the mainstream deems them “newsworthy.”
If the communal gatekeepers didn’t think these voices were newsworthy in 2002, who’s to guarantee they’ll care in 2016?
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The Editorial Board
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2 thoughts on “Jewschool almost died

  1. Have you thought of contacting George Soros for financial support?
    If he’s willing to give money to J(oke) Street, then he will definitely donate to this fringe, far-left, anti-israel publication.

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