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Our friends at Qube (one of Israel’s top music sites) have begun translating Jewschool articles into Hebrew. Check out our first piece — my profile on Matisyahu — here. Our Necro interview also got coverage on Goleshet, an indie Israeli entertainment site. In the future, our articles on art & culture will also be available on Maarav in Hebrew as well.

One thought on “Jewschool áòáøéú

  1. Could you translate this into Hebrew?
    Time for truth!
    * Why is (forced upon Israel’s) expulsion of Jews a “pullback”, but to evacuate those Arab ‘Palestinians’ (that oppose Israel) is branded as “injustice” and “racial”?
    * Why is ethnic-cleansing Jews exclusively, called “evacuation”, but a shield from Arab mass murderers (Homicide Bombers on mass crowds, missile launchers into homes, etc.) called an “apartheid wall” (by some)?
    * Where are any steps towards peace on the Arab side, including stopping terror, & education of hate and rationalizing murder of the innocent?
    * Why is historic connection of Jews (not only those that lived there prior to 1948) to the holy land presented as ‘religious’ only, but very weak connection to Arab “Palestinians” that are by in large only a few generations away from immigrants, called “legitimate”?
    * When the UN hypocritical ‘human rights’ committee was headed by one of the human rights-violator like: infamous Syrian horror regime, how did you feel when they “denounced” , again & again Israel’s “crime” of defending against terror butchers?
    * Why has the UN never denounced ‘Palestinian’ (documented) leadership in education, promoting and sending terrorists on their own population and on Israelis?
    * If the reality calamity of millions of victims (of slavery and massacres) in Sudan would have been reversed, instead of the current persecuted African Christians, the Islamo-Arabs would have been the victims of Sudanese, would then the UN be so silent as well?
    * What would have happened if Israel would not be so extra careful on the civilians surrounded intentionally by terrorists, If Israel would not ask people to evacuate areas, if Israel would not risk in going door to door in search for weapon, if Israel would use regular (and not the special low range) missiles?
    * Have you ever seen anything on Israel, like (www.israel21c.org) immense advancement in technology, medicine etc.?
    * Have you ever seen anything on the day to day life reality of nice Israel for all, Jews, Arabs, Muslims, Christians?
    * Did you get a chance to see photos of Israeli victims of direct terror on them, at a fraction of the same scale that we all have seen ‘Palestinian’ Arab kids that were killed by their ‘brothers’ and blamed on Israel, or in an unintended anti terrorists operation?
    * Is there really no difference in reporting a headline by the general media: ‘A terror mastermind was eliminated by Israel, a bystander youth was also killed’, and reporting: ‘Israel shot a kid’?
    * When was the last time the general media reported about the machine gunners hiding lurking behind the “innocent” ‘stone throwers’?
    * Have you ever seen a documentary of the exploitation and use of human shields by Arab ‘Palestinian’ adults of their own kids?
    * Why is there a mishmash and a blurry attempt to equalize both sides, and never clear between the Arab ‘Palestinian’ public dancing celebrating en-mass to others’ pain dead and suffering and the Israeli kind and humane society?
    * Have you ever seen, read, or heard about the extra kind Israeli hospitals that treat ‘Palestinian’ wounded (in their initiated violence of ‘intifadah’) free of charge?
    * What rationalization do they use in targeting ultra-religious Jews (adults or kids), that never serve in the Israeli army?
    * How can anyone in a right mind even understand, much less accept an ‘explanation’ that they see targeting of civilians as ‘freedom fighting’?
    * Why is their majority pro violence — like the fact of 70% of Arab ‘palestinian’ supporting Homicide Bombers on masses of civilians — never an issue?
    * Why is any Israeli Arab (member of parliament or a plain civilian) able to say whatever he likes in public, but ‘God forbid’ if the Arab Christians are reluctant to be violent against Israelis…? (the majority Arab Muslim ‘palestinians’ will commit again their pogroms against them).
    * Why don’t Goliath vast Arab states give an inch to their ‘Palestinian’ Arab “brothers” (after all ONLY the Arab leaders told them to leave in 1948, with arrogant promises of ‘victory’), but it’s OK and a ‘must’ to force tiny ‘David’ Israel to lose more of it’s (whatever) left vital land?
    * How safe do you really feel If Hamas & Islamic Jihad are saying that their fight against Israel is only part of their global Jihad against any non Muslims?

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