Jewschool Chanukah Bash

The Sieradski siblings, Aliza Hava & Mobius, rock the hizzouse.

Matt Tonti, Yehuda Ledgley and Ellie Brickman get country.

Caress & Sagol 59 rip it up.

I spy with my eye Matthue Roth payes flyin’.

Tuesday’s party at Daila was off the chain. A packed house (with even Jewlicious representin’), a slew of incredible performers, and a genuine holiday spirit made for one of our best parties to date.
Photos c/o Ashraf Abu Moch. If anyone has a pic of Matthue’s actual performance, please send it along.

3 thoughts on “Jewschool Chanukah Bash

  1. Fun Time Party Action! The highlight for us was rappin’ moby. It wasn’t “The Chronic-les of Narnia” but it was pretty entertaining!

  2. Well now, it’s nice to see my kiddies getting along so nice.
    Ha! Spam blocker is Palestinians!!!!!

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