17 thoughts on “Jewschool Makes the JPost

  1. Thanks for the heads-up.
    I found out that it’s an offshoot of StormFront.org and put some details up at my blog.

  2. Wow, if you guys haven’t, you gotta check out StormFronts.org’s forum section. It’s outta this world. Unfortunately for us, they’ve figured out the “Jewish Endgame” that we are going to exterminate all the races. HA. I must have missed the memo. I mean, I realized that my Reform Jewish education left something to be desired spiritually, but jee wheez, I would have expected my parents to fill me in about the plans for world extinction.

  3. Google are notorious:
    Searching for news I got:
    Qassam Brigades Officially Claim Responsibility For Tel Aviv …
    jihadunspun.com, Canada – 20 hours ago
    Gaza – The Qassam Brigades have finally declared responsibility for the heroic human
    bomb attack in Tel Aviv on 30/4/2003 carried out by two British Muslims in …
    Search the web using:
    http://vivisimo.com or http://www.copernic.com
    or http://www.profusion.com/
    Sorry I do not have stocks in any of them…

  4. i think it’s a waste of time. jews have been hated almost since the beginning of time. nothing will change it. read the bible(torah) a few times and you’ll notice that the jews tended to make more enemies than friends.

  5. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s going to work. The current Google Page Rabk of the 2 sites are both 5, but more importantly the current link count for the wikipedia entry is 393 links while the crap page has a link count of 35. So the wiki has already more than 10 times the links. The reason the other site comes on top is the page itself which has far more “jew” words mentioned in it, higher density and a lot more links with the “right” kind of anchor text to come up on top. So, unless the search results are fixed by google, or the wiki changes its page contents it will be difficult to push the wiki above the anti-semitic stuff.

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