Jewschool moves to a new host!

Dear readers, Jewschool has a new home! Our friend and tech guru Aryeh Goldsmith has moved us to a new host with vastly more appropriate resources. This means faster loads and no downtimes! Hooray!
We’ve also begun revisiting our contributor list and rebuilding our editorial team. If you’ve ever wanted to guest post to Jewschool, become a regular contributor, or help guide the direction of content and recruitment, drop an email with your credentials to [email protected].
Thanks for sticking with us during our bumpy past few months — we’re due for smooth sailing now.

12 thoughts on “Jewschool moves to a new host!

  1. Great news! I was getting worried over the past few months. Things seemed uh dark and negative. I feel that progressive means inclusive and non-judgemental. I felt a lot of negative energy towards anyone or any thing that was , uh dare I say , traditional ( aka frum). Sharing is cool. Didding isn’t.

  2. Back in the day Mobius was more appreciative of tradition when the issue really did side with tradition.

  3. Stupid and dissent aren’t the same thing either.
    Absolutely. Just like “tradition” and “brainless, reactionary, authoritarian scumbag” aren’t the same thing.

  4. calling people a scumbag- dissent or diss ?
    This is my point. We all agree on respect. Disrespect and vulgarity weakens your point.

  5. If vulgarity really weakens points, then why are the Talmudic passages about farting rabbis, whores, etc. so memorable?


  7. I was refering to vulgarity used in conversation between two people who have different opinions.
    I was refering to the previous post which refered to orthodox Jews as scumbag. Your references to the Talmud were not an actual logical rebutal to my objection to refering to people in vulgar terms. You were just mocking me. Vugarity and mockery weaken your point. If you have a point.
    My point is that anti- orthodox rants are nothing more than thinly vailed prejudice clothed in the term “progressive”.
    Calling people scumbags and refering to farting isn’t progressive, its stupid.

  8. i love jewschool writes:
    I was refering to the previous post which refered to orthodox Jews as scumbag.
    Which post is that? I just searched Jewschool for scumbag, and the only hit was a 2004 post applying that epithet to neo-Nazis (who, I assume, were not Orthodox Jews or Jews at all).

  9. Also, I hope it’s clear to all readers here that this is a blog written by a group of people. Whatever one contributor writes represents only his or her own opinion, When you find the words of one Jewchool contributor to be distasteful, that’s what the comments sections are for. Lord knows I haven’t agreed with everything that’s been posted hre, and I’m sure lots of the other contributors can say the same thing about whatever I’ve posted. But veiled grumblings attatched to a post about moving web servers aren’t really advancing the discourse here.

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