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JM Times declares 2nd Ave Deli on the way back, but…

Today’s JM Times lists the 2nd Avenue Deli 2.0 in its “Here Come the Chefs” page today, complete with hints of new things on the menu, its 33rd st address and a return date of October. But I’ve gotten comfortable in my new Bronx perch at Liebman’s (they make their own knishes, a sad rarity these days), and so before I set foot back there for pastrami and pierogies, I want to know:
will it honor the seniority of its old staff? will it honor its union contracts?
I’m sure Arieh from the JLC will keep an eye out. I’m ecstatic they’re coming back to business, but I know Abe would want it done right.

2 thoughts on “JM Times declares 2nd Ave Deli on the way back, but…

  1. Aaahhh, Liebman’s. Riverdale’s gem of a deli. Ate there the night my wife and I got engaged. Before most of you were out of diapers. Sadly, they stopped making the meat knishes before we moved out. Now that was primo junk food. Nothing like a hotdog from Liebman’s, followed by one of those chocolate dipped cookies from Mother’s next door, where the counter ladies would constantly argue with each other. Don’t tell Alton, but those were true good eats!
    L’shannah tova!

  2. And back atcha, Steve. I’m getting used to the neighborhood up here, but Liebman’s is something my old neighborhoods in Astoria, Prospect Heights, and my semi sojourn on the UWS lacked.

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