Jmerica Crosses The F*ckin' Line

Bad enough they’ve been stealing content from Jewschool, Fiddish & The Yada Blog without attribution since their site launch — getting to the point where we had to send a friendly pre-“cease and desist notice” letter that they promptly ignored. No, rather than copping to jacking our material, they insult Ben Cohen (who sent the letter) in the latest (incoherent) post on their site.
As if that weren’t enough to justify my detestment of Jmerica. But comment spam? FRICKIN’ COMMENT SPAM? You’ve got to be shitting me.
[Updated] Billy and I just spoke. We’s smooved fings out for now. Sigh.

49 thoughts on “Jmerica Crosses The F*ckin' Line

  1. man I dont even know where to begin.
    Yes they compared jmerica with you, who the hell cares, jewschool is a blog, he is a blog/dating/whatever site, the compariison is not fair, but who CARES?
    you posted his ADDRESS?? and phopne number? are you fucking crazy? If i were him I would sue the shirt off of you. its a blog you moron, its not that big a deal, certainly not big enough to expose him to all the crazies out there on the net.
    yes he is messing with you in the comments section, you want to flame him? go right ahead, I think it is stupid, but that is what is done on teh net, so go ahead be stupid. But you are so way over the top on this one you guys should be ashamesd. Take down his personal information you noobs.
    what else? oh yeah, talk about jewish fucking unity.. you guys make me sick.
    mind you I will stick around because there is what to read and post about on this sight, but this is so clearly over the line.

  2. i live near the guy; should i take out his tires or somefin? I’LL DO IT! I’LL FUCKIN DO IT!
    {no i wont}
    F him mo. He and his joke of a site aint worth the time. B’sides, his karma boat’ll dock someday, and the piper shall be paid.

  3. Out of curiosity,
    How old are you guys?
    and is posting a message three times spam?
    what’s that saying about ‘imitation being the best flattery’? Expected better from you. Post the link to the whois, not his address. Asaf’s going to tear you apart now for putting a ‘din rodef’ on this guy.
    I suggest you guys all go out and get a latte or whatever it is ‘mericans do these days.

  4. Mobius, you are a petty idiot. Who the fuck cares? Why are you always so petty, it just shows how much of a dim witted loser you are. You are a horrible example for jews, what happened to love your fellow Jew. Anyway, like Avi said, You Run a fucking Blog, thats all, and its no big deal so get over it. Take a chill pill and get over yourself.

  5. “You are a horrible example for jews, what happened to love your fellow Jew”
    Getting a little huffed up and over the top, are you?

  6. let me get this straight … someone jacks content from my friends and i, and then advertises their “competing” website in my comments, posting their message 3 times in a row, and then insults my friend on their site without any basis whatsoever …
    and i’m the asshole for talking about it.
    yuh huh.

  7. OK, usually I love to take the piss out of mobius. I really do. However, despite the err, shrill tone of his latest post, he kinda does have a point.
    1st of all, JMerica’s comment spam, the posting of links to your site in a comment on a blog’s story that has little or nothing to do with the actual story, is considered pretty much the lowest thing one can do in blog land. Recent comment spam by the Viagra, penis enlargement crowd forced blog software designers everywhere to include anti-spam features in their programs. If you like blogs, you NEED to hate comment spam as it is the single biggest threat to the continued viability of the genre. Jmerica’s reliance on that sad-ass technique to promote their site is pathetic. Especially since It only costs $20 a month to post a banner on Jewschool.
    2nd: Posting publicly available WHOIS information is not a big deal. mobius did it to me and if I didn’t want it to be public, all I’d have to do is simply alter my WHOIS info or use one of the many services that allow you to mask your information. In any case, I seem to have survived that “ordeal” unscathed.
    3rd: JMerica is derivative poop. It was a 3rd rate Jewish dating site when it was Shalom Singles and it’s now a 3rd rate Jewish portal, liberally “borrowing” ideas from true innovators and repackaging the whole thing into this wannabe behemoth. Just cuz its now cool to be Jewish does not mean that all Jews are cool….
    So yeah, mobius, in typical mobius style, may have been a little over the top, But he does have a point.

  8. “and i’m the asshole for talking about it”
    Yes, you lowered yourself to his level, by being petty and whiny.

  9. first, I didnt think WHOIS gave such exact information, my bad. Although posting it in this way sort of incites people to do bad things, not that anyone would stoop to such things here, as we are all very rational and level headed folks over here…
    seocond, in no way do I think that Jmerica is right, spam sucks. Spammers suck even more. I think you would be justified for being pissed off, I think the tone more than anything else is over the top.
    that being said. Jmerica kinda sucks.

  10. Why would you post all these comments when the email addresses do not even exist???? I think it is wrong and un ethical to post FAKE BLOGS. People out there try posting emailing to one of these FAKE EMAIL ADDRESSES??? FAKE
    Sign REAL BLOG…

  11. I think that Jmerica is trying to pull off a little bit of (free) publicity — and Mobius is playing into their hands…
    Maybe we should try a googlebomb…

  12. As Jmerica’s chief bloggers, we want to thank everyone for their constructive criticism. We’re new to this and we count Mobius and Jewschool (as well as Yada and Fiddish) as our major inspiration. Our mission is to bring Jews together on the Web and we’re flattered you’ve been reading us at all.
    That said, we always credit blogs and publications when we link stories. Most items we blog are related to “light news”– celebrity and human interest stuff we find on major Jewish sites and trashy tabloid zines. If you see items that you think we’ve “jacked” off you, maybe you’ve just gotten to your Google News Alerts first that day or have been trolling around People magazine.
    The email spam thing happened because one of our staffers is a bit Netiquette-retarded and has been stuffed into a closet until he understands that posting a related comment once, in lowercase letters, is usually sufficient.
    Thanks so much again for your insults- Jmerica site traffic is up 400% today.
    By the way, Benyamin Cohen may be a stand up guy, but he’s still wrong. Can you believe all this flaming began because of a gentile supermodel?

  13. How can you guys say how bad this site is????? JMERICA.COM is more then just Dating; It has a magazine, quizes, blogs, serach engine, friends, networking and more!!! Also you say they stole from you and other like you. What do you think you guys have done. I am seeing some of the related articles on your site from them and other sites like your self. I also see then referance the articles, UNLIKE YOUR SELVES – (JEWSCHOOL.com). bEFORE YOU MAKE COMMENTS ABOUT OTHERS LOOK AT YOUSELF FIRST..
    Signed someone who uses dating sites…

  14. Yeah, JAmerica is more than just dating, it is just shit.
    From a shit blog through to rip off ideas, it just smells of shit.
    As Christ Killer said, JAmerica was a third rate dating site as Shalom Singles and today it is still a shit site.

  15. JB,
    You sound like a have issues and are Jealous of Jmerica.com. I think they are doing a great job and they have alot going on there site. As to call it a Shit shit!! Thhat could only mean You are an owner in jewschool.com and are bias and Jealous of what they have and you are lacking in your site. It is good to have envy, it drives you to do better, but to have to be Jealous of what they have and you lack is sad. Let me give yiou some advice. To be successful in life you should avoid being all three of these things. Do not become Jealous, Greedy, or Cocky. You will be then a loser which you sound like, just as the writer of this blog porteyed imself to be today. He has a site and posts blogs a “day short of the other guys” Jmerica.com is better and show it. I will say Billy maybe should not have done whAT HE DID BUT TO SAY WHAT YOU DID WAS WRONG AND MADE YOU LOOK LIKE A FOOL. You are only helping Jmerica.com when yoyu act like that.
    Sign BS

  16. Freddy – i don’t need to sign ‘cos, this is a free world.
    If you love JAmerica, that is great, enjoy it but don’t get a hernia just ‘cos most people don’t.
    And if you feel you have to defend it, then by all means defend it, but at the end of the day, if it smells like shit and looks like shit, then it is shit.
    Anyway, lots of love

  17. Freddy. You sound HOT! Some of the women in the office, impressed by your suave demeanor and death defying diction want to know what dating sites you use and what your handle is.
    What’s your secret dude? I’m jealous!

  18. Also, what the fuck is JAmerica trying to do to compare with Jewschool. Jewschool is not a dating site, yet, JAmerica is having a go by slagging off Jewschool by saying they don’t have dating.
    They don’t have dating, ‘cos it is a blog. It is not trying to be all things to all people and fucking up along the way.
    There’s plenty on JAMERICA which is still not live, like it says it will have a directory, where is it.
    I don’t like JAmerica ‘cos it has ripped off other folks and tries to claim it is better than them without presenting the ful lfacts.
    Why the fuck are they trying to compare themselves to everyone.
    Only sad and desperate businesses and web sites show “why we are better than the others”.
    If you are better, you don’t really need to say it. If you are shit, you will always try to say why you are better.
    Look at JewishMingle and see how they go on about comparing themselves to other Jewish dating sites.
    Anyway, the only reason why JAmerica dating is free is ‘cos they couldn’t charge. Howeve you might not like JDate, you can’t argue that they are the market leaders and if JAmerica ever tried charging, would you pay?
    So thew question to you?
    If JAmerica tried charging would you pay to support them?

  19. Oh and freddy, what the fuck is the point of giving an email address and name if you hide behind a fucking hotmail address that may or may not be real.
    Will the real Freddy please stand up or are you in someway connected with JAmerica?
    Anyway, as Christ Killer says, you do sound a great guy what is your sig and can I date you?

  20. Do you think Freddy is actually one of those folks who are paid money to go noto blogs and post comments on behalf of clients?
    In India, people are paid around 25 cents a posting on behalf of a client as sadly, it can improve a google page ranking.

  21. I gootta say, I was using a fake addy because I thought I had to put something in, and my address is my first and last name, which I am not gonna do. Guilty as charged.
    P.S. Jmerica still sux.

  22. JB,
    The name’s Jmerica. We’re thinking that English may not be your first language so we’re willing to forgive your atrocious spelling and grammatical errors, but please stop slagging Freddy. Your personal attacks only reflect that you are in serious need of a date yourself; obviously, your Jdate profile would repel any woman who values humor and intelligence.
    Oh, and if Jmerica needed to boost its Google ranking, we wouldn’t outsource to India– there are plenty of geeks in-country willing to tow our line for free.

  23. Oh, dear, it really is easy to attack someone on the web for spelling, so thank you Ms LeBos for that.
    I guess as you are the big “ed” or whatever it is you do on JMerica, you are of course, well versed in words.
    Anyway, in terms of personal attack it was Freddy who started.
    And if you want to carry on slagging off other sites, which you seem to do, then of course shows what a weak site you have got.

  24. Oh, I forgot, in cyberspace, you shouldn’t assume anyone’s gender.
    Ms LeBos, you seem to assume JB is a male?
    Sad, sad, sad…

  25. Jmerica Chick wrote:
    Oh, and if Jmerica needed to boost its Google ranking, we wouldn’t outsource to India– there are plenty of geeks in-country willing to tow our line for free.
    Apparently. But, as Fast Freddy demonstrates, you get what you pay for.
    James wrote:
    … it seems to be getting personal.
    I take spam very personally. In any case, SPAMMERS dude! Can one really give them too much sh*t?
    JB wrote:
    Howeve[r] you might not like JDate, you can’t argue that they are the market leaders and if JAmerica ever tried charging, would you pay?
    No, I would not. Shalom Singles is an old and tired database. It is unlikely that very many of the profiles listed are current – notice that no mention is made of the last time a member logged in (this is a very easy thing to do – its exclusion is telling). Given JMerica’s friendster like beta status, I assume the business plan envisions a day in the future when charges will be levied. Given their level of professionalism, I doubt that day will come soon.
    As for JDate, they list over 500,000 members but given their recent policy whereby free members cannot respond to messages or chat requests from a paid member, one’s pool of potential playmates has been drastically reduced. JDate will also not suspend the paid membership of non-Jews or married people looking for extra-curricular fun – which is an issue for many people.
    JDate is nonetheless a household name, so you may want to give them a shot anyways. You may also want to try any of the other fine dating sites that advertise on Jewschool, like JDate, JKarma or JMatch (where free and paid members may communicate, well… freely!).
    *Full disclosure time: JMatch is a client of ours. JMerica? Are you paying attention? This is an acceptable way to promote yourself on blog comments. Post a link to a site that you are associated with only when it is relevant to the underlying post and is not a bald faced attempt to promote without participating.

  26. I am sorry about the way I spoke about Jmerica.com. They are a good site and I was wrong about the way I spoke to them and Blogged it accross the site. I am sorry again and as well I retract everything I have ever said. I just went on there site for the first time and see it is not good but GREAT!!!!!

  27. Please note the so-called JB above is not the real JB.
    After all, as Ms LeBos pointed out, I can’t spell JAmerica.
    And no, JMerica is not good, it is still shit.

  28. Amazing, eh? You should see the lovely post on JMerica (the worst jewish dating site) inspired by this otherwise venomous controversy.
    They report an increase in traffic of 400% as a result. Let me see… that means according to the info I have, jewschool got about 400 visitors today. Let’s say half of them visited JMerica (the worst jewish dating site), then JMerica usually gets about 50 visitors a day? VERY impressive.
    After taking some cheap shots at mobius, they state: Many thanks to all those Jmericans who defended us in Jewschool’s comments. So we now also know that JMericans are illiterate, and use cheap tactics like assuming others’ personnas.
    So to recap… JMerica (the worst jewish dating site) and people associated with it are clueless newbies unfamiliar with standards of netiquette, have a shaky command of the finer points of English grammar, and support or run a site visited by what looks like 50 junior high students a day.
    Sign me up baby!

  29. Many of the comments on here are quite interesting. While there was no need of spamming the comments section of yet another movable type blog; the attacks of content thefts are a bit unfounded. From what I can see in JAmerica’s blogs, they do give full credit to where they got their story.
    Is there a deeper reason for all the hating, or is it just because of the smug post about not knowing that just because someone is named Shalom doesn’t mean that they are jewish.
    Adn where the whole payment thing comes into play; who gives a shit if it’s free or not. It doesn’t seem to be any problem to join now for free, so what does it really hurt. If they start to charge and you don’t like it; don’t join. It’s actually pretty simple.
    Yet the blog wars will continue, as they always do. Just be happy for the extra pagerank on google.
    BTW, googlebombs are probably not a good play at this point. Google seems to be pretty pissed off at it, and they seem to be knocking people off of Google who use it.

  30. I hate [email protected]] you are a joke!!!! Anyone who is usung my name Stop. I said I was sorry and was wrong about Jmerica. They are a great site and I am a member, So screw you all Jmerica haters.

  31. I love Jmerica! Come to Jmerica its a grate site and you can meat grate people who are like me. Also dont say no your wrong or esle I will use my l33t h4x0r technics to hak you into submsh… submisi… into giving up. Aslo I was also wrong about [email protected]. I love you. Can we get married?

  32. Okay, so there’s a lot of competition out there for “Jewish eyes”. At a time when anti-semitism is on the rise, Israel is continually threatened and our government is making a seies of wrong turns into Hell, what is gained by a bunch of sophmoric idiots using Jewish platforms o throw locker room epithets at each other. If you want to take the responsibility to speak to and for the Jewish community use your intelligence and insight (you are Jewish aren’t you?)instead of your childhood instincts to act out verbally and try to shock everyone. We deserve better.

  33. I agree with Skip. I also do not understand why you are all so angry about this site. I think these are two different sites and have to different meanings. With that said you all should check out the other site and will be surprised to learn how great the site really is. I say the site has 4 out of 5 stars of Davids.

  34. Lane (looks like JAmerica are using off-shore spammers again).
    there is no 4 out of 5 star of Davids for the other site.
    It is shit. 100% shit.
    The other site should aplogise for the way they have behaved.

  35. JB,
    First how old are you? You sound like a High School kid and yes Kid is what you sound like. A kidd who is unhappy with him self. It is obvious you are angry and affiliated with this site and you are bias. I think you should control your self and look at how you act and write. As far as there site goes I was on it and I now have a profile. I think it is a great site. I know there is more to come from them. Also they are FREE and have nice articles and games on Jmerica. Hey JB try to improve on your spelling errors. And it is Jmerica not Jamerica.

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