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Bawdy Barracks is the title of the article in The Jerusalem Report this month featuring Miriam Libicki’s semi-autobiographical graphic novel Jobnik!  announcing that her previous six issues are due to be released as one volume in December by the biggest North American comics distributor — mazel tov, Miriam!
Having sat with Miriam at a couple comic conventions, it’s always amusing to see the play of emotions across people’s faces as they carefully examine this “Israeli” comic. Is it pro-Palestinian? Pro-Israel? Self-hating? Apolitical? It’s always fun to watch their skeptical faces searching for the pro/anti agenda.  The only exception is their smirks as they reach for Towards a Hot Jew, of course. (Link takes you to Zeek’s great review of her work circa last year.)
Wish her a big mazel tov and check out all her graphic novels at her site. Or, you know, Amazon works too.

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