John Golem Kerry

A Czech historian claims he has uncovered the true Jewish roots of US presidential candidate, Senator John Kerry, saying he is a descendant of the great Jewish scholar, philosopher and Kabbalist, Rabbi Judah Loew, also known as The Maharal of Prague, whose claims to fame include the statue of him which still stands in the center of Prague, and the legend that he created the Golem.

8 thoughts on “John Golem Kerry

  1. What does you [probably not really] being descended from Rashi have to do with reelecting the worst leader this country has ever had, or Rachel Corrie? I bet you were one of those pouring French wine out in the street, despite the fact that you’re alleged anscestor was in that very business. Whatever, when you grow up and get over the playground politics give me a call.

  2. So you mean John Kerry’s sucken eye sockets and massive penis (as seen a previous jewschool story) are a result as him being made out of clay? I could believe it. He has as much personality as an angry lump of clay.

  3. Lou, you make me laugh. Though I agree that Rachel Corrie, or her memory and what she “devoted” her life to, pisses me off, I think you’re being ignorant by voting for Bush. That said, I give huge props to the conservative in the US for being able to point out just how hypocritical uber-liberals can be. All you said was that Corrie pisses you off, and you get flamed for “spewing hate”. The only acceptable thoughts are liberal thoughts ain’t that right Mo? Maybe we should use the Patriot Act to arrest Arabs and Conservatives if hearing other points of view so offends you Alex.

  4. solomyr–clearly you haven’t been reading jewschool long enough to know what lou’s been up to. let’s take a look, shall we?
    “Big deal, I am descended from Rashi and still voting for Bush. And Rachel Corrie also pisses me off.”
    “nuke libya”
    “yassin is dead, i can sleep good tonight. hahaha”
    “May the anvil of sharon crush the Hamas infrastructure.”
    re: rachel corrie, “yeah screw her” & “may that bitch rot in hell for eternity”
    in another post, he defends baruch goldstein’s slaughter of 29 palestinians, praying at a mosque, “This massacre took place in 1994. Massacres against Jews are taking place now all the time. I think your priorities should not be in condemning some whackos praying over Goldsteins shrine.”
    it is a rare occasion when lou actually offers intelligent, or at the very least, informative comments. 99% of the time it’s just flamebaiting troll-meat.
    i’m all for open discourse. i’m all for expressing unpopular opinions. but do so constructively, not smugly, arrogantly, and self-righteously.
    i’m open to debate; i’m just not a big fan of assholes.

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