John Loftus Sacked For Targetting Innocents As Terrorists

Former DOJ prosecutor and author of The Secret War Against The Jews, John Loftus, was fired from his job as a Fox News commentator for wrongly identifying the home of a California family as the address of a terrorist hiding in the United States.

Randy and Ronnell Vorick thought La Habra was about as far away as one could get from terrorism. They were wrong.
For the last 2 1/2 weeks, the lives of the couple and their three children have been plunged into an unsettling routine of drivers shouting profanities, stopping to photograph their house and — most recently — spray-painting a slogan on their property.

Newshounds reports,

Loftus, whose “Inside Scoop with John Loftus” is a feature of Fox Network News television every Sunday at 11:20 AM, gave the family’s address on the air, saying that a terrorist connected with the July 7 London bombings lived at the address. Directions and satellite photos were briefly available on-line until police intervened and had them taken down.
Loftus claims he gave the information out on national cable to help the local police locate a terrorist. He said that “mistakes happen” and it was “the best information we had at the time.”

Loftus was subsequently fired from the network.

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