John Safran vs. God

Looks like Australia has a controversial Jewish prankster of their own. In his new television series, John Safran travels to London to convince a “fundementalist Muslim cleric” to “put a fatwa on Rove McManus,” among other faith-based antics.

Australia’s The Age has the story (bypass registration):

In this eight-part series he considers some of the world’s biggest and lesser understood faiths by inserting himself in the midst of them. To the dismay of his lapsed Catholic friends, he says, that religion comes off best. Certainly the gruff South Melbourne priest he focuses on seems kinder than the cane-wielding Japanese Zen Buddhist monk who, Rove may be happy to hear, cruelly beats Safran on several occasions.

In a discursive, sometimes fascinating series, Safran occasionally diverts from strict religious organizations to try to get the Klu Klux Klan to admit him as a member because he is only “half Jewish” or to uncover some of the secrets of Freemasonry. The series veers between comedy and the realm of the more serious documentary as Safran prods at the contentious and humorous aspects of spiritual belief.

Gotta love his tactics in prompting the fatwa on Rove’s head — that is, presenting “ridiculously doctored images … to the cleric – in one Rove is supposedly advertising pork with the slogan ‘Forget hallal, get some pork on your fork.'”

6 thoughts on “John Safran vs. God

  1. The cleric took it pretty well, actually. His funniest comment was, “Yes, yes you have faked this evidence, so this Rove does not deserve the fatwa yet.”
    Not, “doesn’t deserve it” but “doesn’t deserve it YET”!

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