Join the Center for Jewish Nonviolence's May 2017 Trip

Center for Jewish Nonviolence logoSummer 2017 will mark 50 years of the continued Israeli occupation of Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

50 years restricting freedom of movement. 50 years of home demolitions and settlement expansion. 50 years of administrative detention. 50 years of loss of life.

We must do more than mark the year. Jews from around the world must join with the nonviolent Palestinian movement for equality. Together, we can pursue justice.

The application for the Center for Jewish Nonviolence’s next delegation is now open. I’ll be there. Will you join me?

From May 14 to May 22 2017, Jewish activists from around the world will join with Palestinian and Israeli leaders to engage in strategic acts of noncompliance against the military apparatus that entrenches the Occupation.

We will not sit idly by while our Jewish identities are exploited by the Israeli government to justify the oppression of another people. We will not promote hopelessness and claim that the situation is out of our control. We will take action, as Jews who believe in equality and human rights for all people in the land.

The application opens today, and applicants will be accepted on a rolling basis through November 30. Read more about the delegation and apply today.

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