Join the debate on young American Jews and Israel-Palestine on PolicyMic!

I have mixed feelings about posting something that uses the word “incentivize,” and even more skeptical of one that talks about “millenials,” but overall, it doesn’t seem like a bad thing, sort of like a political version of Jewish Values Online so what the heck:

On Monday (October 3rd), will be hosting a debate on the topic of “Do young American Jews care about Israel-Palestine?” We want you to participate in the discussion!
We’ll post the debate question on Monday morning (6:00am). All you have to do is sign up for an account and comment with your thoughts throughout the day. The most
Mic’d (voted on) contributor will win a special prize.
PolicyMic is a unique platform to host the highest-quality discussion online. Targeted to engage millennials in current events, the site uses game-like technology to incentivize users to participate in discussions more actively and comment more thoughtfully than on other sites. Think of it as Twitter meets the Economist.

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