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Jon Stewart: "Because in Israel, apparently you're allowed to criticize Israel"

And below the fold, the John Oliver plays a game of “Who Wants to Join the United Nations” with Palestinian Ambassador Riyad Mansour.

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Who Wants to Be a Member of the U.N.? – Palestine
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2 thoughts on “Jon Stewart: "Because in Israel, apparently you're allowed to criticize Israel"

  1. I showed the Obama clip to one of those foaming-at-the-mouth Tea Party types. His response: “Obama’s lying!” I see; when he says something with which they disagree, he’s a monster. When he says something with which they agree, he’s still a monster, because he’s lying. Michelle Bachmann, on the other hand, is an absolutely unimpeachable source of information.
    There’s no talking to the vast majority of these people. I’m convinced it’s a neurologically-based cognitive deficiency – in other words, they’re retarded (my apologies to anyone with developmentally disabled friends or family members).

  2. Let me illuminate a point. Obama says Israel’s security is so important, that Palestinian sovereignty concerns must be met in order to make Israel secure. That is not a lie. that is an oxymoron. Palestinian sovereignty’s only role iun the world is thbe destruction of Israel. Period. No two ways about it. proven a thousand times with thousands of dead Jews to prove it. So possible obama has Israel’s best interests at heart, but he shows it in a way that every israeli Jews knows is oxymoronic.

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