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  1. another option is to de-link them
    You can go to google…and rather than entering ‘jew’, enter ‘www.jewwatch.com’ one of the options you will get is to list every site that links to the url. Look through the list for people who have provided links to both sites in their discussion of this topic. Look for Anyone-Can-Add-A-Link pages, and email the webmaster to remove the hate-site. This can be approached from both ends.
    e.g. up until a few minutes ago, http://www.guideall.com/israel.htm had a link. That link has been removed.

  2. Hi all,
    I am involved with a group here in Finland in conjunction with the SWC in the states to keep up with the blitz.
    We need more coordinated efforts between Europe and the US of A.
    BTW, I am an expat that has lived here for 17yrs.
    Keep up with the good efforts
    Regards, Kenneth Sikorski

  3. Also instead of blogging a link, it would be best to make it a permanent link. I think most of the slips in ranking happen when blogs are archived.

  4. yeah..john.
    you can also type in google
    and that lists who links them. it is possible that one of the problems is that google links to jewwatch in their directory
    Society > Issues > Race-Ethnic-Religious Relations > Hate >
    google is an “influential” site to be linked from as far as the google algorithm goes. so if they count links linked from their directory site that would be bad for us..cuz they don’t link the wikepedia jew site in their directory at all…
    this seems to be the case because there are only 55 sites that are linking to jewwatch, and 758 that are linking to the wikipedia definition.

  5. Has Google ever said that the number of times someone visits a website through their search engine is counted in rankings? They don’t go into detail what their algorithm is, and I’ve only heard about the influence of those who link to site (and how many sites link to the sites that link to it…ad infinitum)
    If searching matters…we should also be encouraging people to search for Jew and click on wikipedia daily. But only if it matters.
    I do believe that links higher up in a domain hierarchy count more. so…eg…a link on a blog’s homepage would count more than in their archives. (Especially since there will be more links to a blog’s homepage than to their archived page.)

  6. Here’s Google’s explanation, it doesn’t suggest searching for, or visiting a site makes any difference:
    PageRank relies on the uniquely democratic nature of the web by using its vast link structure as an indicator of an individual page’s value. In essence, Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote, by page A, for page B. But, Google looks at more than the sheer volume of votes, or links a page receives; it also analyzes the page that casts the vote. Votes cast by pages that are themselves “important” weigh more heavily and help to make other pages “important.”
    Important, high-quality sites receive a higher PageRank, which Google remembers each time it conducts a search. Of course, important pages mean nothing to you if they don’t match your query. So, Google combines PageRank with sophisticated text-matching techniques to find pages that are both important and relevant to your search. Google goes far beyond the number of times a term appears on a page and examines all aspects of the page’s content (and the content of the pages linking to it) to determine if it’s a good match for your query.

  7. your comments are appreciated, but this is nothing new to me. the only effective action is linking using the word jew. period.

  8. mol – I wasn’t responding to your comment, I was responding to mikhael who thought it was counterproductive to search. it’s not.
    linking using other words helps…but not as much. And since links on pages that are higher ranked have more value, permanent links n a blog’s homepage will likely have more value than a blog entry that gets archived.
    Schneider is right too. Links on less popular blogs don’t help as much as those on popular blogs.
    Unfortunately, while my website is highly ranked for other search terms, the link on my blog which I added several days ago hasn’t been found yet by Google’s search engine.

  9. Has anyone tired jew watch lately? I tried the site and I got a message saying ti was down. at www. jewwatch . com

  10. The ratings are still unstable. Judaism 101 took #1 and the Wikipedia definition #2 for while, before it went to #1 and Judaism 101 went to #3.
    http://www.removejewwatch.com though has now obtained 102,000 petitions for JewWatch’s removal.
    However, I also wonder if that’s not unwittingly aiding JewWatch then in the standings with ‘curiosity traffic’ from Jews themselves. From what I understand, NPR also mentioned the matter and might have prompted plenty more people to visit the site.

  11. i think one of the biggest problems with the campaign is the fact that google’s not indexing all of the sites participating in the googlebomb. more people need to go to google and submit their sites for indexing if they haven’t previously.

  12. Something else we need to keep an eye on: Since anyone can edit a page at Wikipedia, there have been repeated efforts to replace the legitimate entry for “Jew” with an anti-Googlebomb message, a link to the hate site, or both.
    OTOH, any user can also revert the page back to the legitimate version. (Check out the page history for examples of both vandalism and reversion.) So it’s worth checking the Wikipedia entry regularly and reverting it if necessary–at least until the sysops decide to protect the page.

  13. Well you poeple have gone and done it.
    http://www.jewwatch.com now reports this when you goto the site:
    This account has been suspended.
    Either the domain has been overused, or the reseller ran out of resources.
    Why are jews so scared? Henry Ford was right about jews. You cant hide the truth.

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