8 thoughts on “Jordanian Press: Arafat Dead

  1. my dad predicted it. if you die on this day your ascension to heaven is expedited – as are the 72 unfortunate eternal virgins. doh!

  2. face it. arafat is the menachem begin of the palestinians. only not as effective or smart. you can’t take him away from them as a symbol. we’re all just gonna have to deal with him until fifty or a hundred years after peace has been achieved, when everyone re-evaluates their historical figures all sixties-rethinking-of-Columbus style.

  3. Whew, back from miluim. Glad I won’t be in the Jericho area for the news of his death. Major anarchy and power struggle is expected. Massive arms buildup has been continuing, and it hasn’t been used against Israelis in the past half-year. The word is that the people will not stand for corrupt leaders anymore, even is they wear dark-coloured suits and seem ‘stately’.
    I was wondering. What’s the deal with the virgin fetish? Wouldn’t it be better to get stuck with a few experienced women (or men in Arafat’s case)?

  4. Sam,
    Begin’s strategy was never to kill civilians as the means, only as rare tactics. Arafat on the other hand is undisputed Jew-killer after Hitler and credited with modern day terrorism, hostage-taking, hijackings, and other evil stuff.

  5. “face it. arafat is the menachem begin of the palestinians. only not as effective or smart. ”
    What a comparison. From the same fever swamp that brought you “Bush = Hitler”.

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