JStreet Conference 2011: Giving Voice to Our Values

Attention Pro Israel/Pro Peace Folk:
Registration for JStreet’s annual conference is now open for business. The conference is happening February 26th to March 1st in Washington, DC. You can sign up here to join other  pro Israel, pro Peace activists building a movement towards diversity and justice for Israel and for the Jewish community.
Financial aid opportunities are available.

13 thoughts on “JStreet Conference 2011: Giving Voice to Our Values

  1. “Financial aid opportunities are available”
    I’ll say.
    Winnings from number 7 in the 3rd race at the Happy Valley racetrack in Hong Kong?
    Some artwork traded by the former George Schwartz (but don’t call him that because it sounds too, well, y’know) near Lake Balaton in 1944?
    A portion of the contribution by ‘Jews’ from Dearborn.
    Free tix to a showing of Valley of Wolves-Iraq donated by the Turkish-American co-producer (also a JStreet contributor).
    Usual pieces of silver (less than 30 this time, at $50/oz that’s expensive and its a tough economy)
    Free tix to the swearing in during January of Senators Finegold, Carnahan and Sestak. Honest!
    Free mention in 1000 page book explaining why JStreet’s endorsements had absolutely no negative effect, no absolutely no effect on the endorsees who lost.
    Free high holy day memberships to the synagogue of one of the Orthodox rabbis in our ‘rabbinic cabinet’ (not the gay one, the other one).

  2. How terrible is this, that an organization of many well meaning people is the butt of ridicule for the actions of a few. And who has been held responsible? What changes have been made? Are Hong Kong race track winners still contributing 1/3rd of yearly contributions, or 1/5th or whatever? Silence.

  3. Who has been held responsible? I hold Dave responsible for the particular ridicule in question. I do wish he would stop trolling this site, but as long as he refrains from personal attacks, he’s free to post his guilt-by-association conspiracy-theory-laden posts. It’s not going to stop the rest of us from supporting an organization working to break the log-jam on the peace process and advocate for justice for palestinians security for Israelis and peace for all.

  4. Oh also, site moderators, it looks like the comments timestamp was broken by DST. I posted this at 10:45am, eastern time.

  5. Why bother? Just have shady Honk Kong billionaires give it to you, and much much more than $1000, for reasons that no one can understand. This inability at introspection and soul-searching is very disheartening, particularly coming from KFJ. What happened to your dreams of a clean and just Jewish community? Or are you part of the JStreet system now, bought and paid for by G-d knows who?

  6. Let us be clear that the right wing in this world has never taken any money from any sketchy characters ever.
    Guys, the right wing is PURE.

  7. Translation of BD’s comment: “Everyone else does it [takes money from sketch balls], why can’t we?”
    Because, as Victor points out, the people that started J Street and run it claimed that it was going to be different, and it does not appear to be different, in any significant ways, from previous lobbying groups — funded by shady donors with murky political affiliations and opaque aims, many of which appear to be at odds with the the goals of world Jewry.
    People connected to J Street have offered to have private conversations about this, to which I look forward.

  8. the the goals of world Jewry
    what the hell does that mean? never have we been, nor are we now, a monolithic force who has identical agendas or aspirations. As always, the global Jewish communities are diverse and divergent in practice, culture and desire. Even individual Jewish communities can’t be broken down into monolithic descriptions. I think it’s time for someone to contact CLAL…

  9. never have we been, nor are we now, a monolithic force
    What, another one?! Jonathan1, how hard is it to mail out those GlobalJewForce membership cards. I mean, really, look how upset he is that you missed him! If I catch you napping ONE MORE TIME with your forehead on the keyboard, we’re going to have a serious conversation.

  10. “Free mention in 1000 page book explaining why JStreet’s endorsements had absolutely no negative effect, no absolutely no effect on the endorsees who lost.”
    As for shady billionaire money… IIRC half the JPost’s funding comes from Macanese casinos and prostitutes, so people shouldn’t complain about iffy dollars coming from HONG KONG of all places.

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