JTA Goofs on Messianic Hire

Via Protocols, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency hired a “Messianic Jewish” journalist to cover Shmuley Boteach’s recent talk on The Passion.

In their retraction, the JTA states, “While we stand by the accuracy of information contained in the story, we do not have confidence that the writer had sufficient distance from the subject she was covering to report it fairly from a perspective that would have been appropriate for a Jewish publication.”


10 thoughts on “JTA Goofs on Messianic Hire

  1. How is it that a messianic jew is not a jew yet a jew who is a hindu or buddist is a jew ?
    As a jew I feel very sad that hypocracy and finger pointers are us. Maybe messianic jews should be required to wear an identity label, perhaps something yellow. This jews wishes you much luck as i’m sure you need it.

  2. well, looks like another cock-up by the JTA. Actually does anyone ever bother reading what they produce? It really is sooo boring…

  3. greg, how sweetly obnoxious. a jew who is a ‘hindu’ isn’t a jew other than ethnically–ie., if they worship hindu deities, they cease to be a jew (other than ethnically). a jew who practices buddhism–well that’s another story, because buddhism is a philosophy or a religion, depending on how you want to take it. i can be a jew and practice buddhism, because practicing buddhism doesn’t require that i worship idols or give up my commitment to judaism or hashem. now when i worship jesus, what i’m doing is violating the 1st and 2nd commandments–the ones which say “i am your god” and “you shall have no others before me”. when you insert jesus in between you and god, and call jesus god or lord, what you’re doing is worshipping jesus, therefore, you’ve broken abraham’s covenant and are no longer a jew–you’re a christian. you might be ethnically jewish, but so were the disciples. they’re still called christians and not jews. you might still be ethnically jewish as well, but when you co-opt jewish religious practices and call yourselves jews for jesus so you can feel more comfortable practicing christianity, you’re being a cockmaster. i don’t see any so-called jewish hindus layning torah on shabbos and sticking in vishnu’s name where they see fit.
    jewgrrl…the jta’s not that awful. they get some good stories from time to time.

  4. I sincerely appreciate being called “sweetly obnoxious”, however answer me this. What then might we choose to call an ethnically jewish athiest? How is it a non-religious practising jew is called a jew and a messianic jew must be labeled a christian not a jew.

  5. brad pilcher and i have been discussing this, actually, and we feel that it may be necessary for usto create a new ‘label’ for non-religious people of jewish descent, simply to clarify the distinction.
    worshipping jesus still makes you a christian tho, not a jew.

  6. “worshipping jesus still makes you a christian tho, not a jew.”
    Please clarify your last statement. Do you mean a messianic jew is only a jew ethnically but not a jew of religious observance or are you stating that a messianic jew is a christian and therefore not a jew ethnically nor religiously?

  7. a messianic jew is only a jew ethnically but not a jew of religious observance..even still, i’d rather call you a christian

  8. I have been invoked. Me and Mo have discussed this, and a thousand other things. I personally believe it’s a good thing that we affirm the cultural stream of Judaism that has always run parallel with the religious as equally positive and valid. The problem, I think, is that too many Jews embrace secular culture and call it Jewish.
    To mine eyes, Judaism is a culture with religion at its core, as the guiding and primary influence, the medium through which all outside and subsidiary influences are translated. To divorce the two is problematic, but to affirm the cultural expressions as equally central and valid to the Jewish experience, is a positive.
    That being said, most “Messianic Jews” didn’t start out Jewish. That’s a case by case thing.

  9. Hindus and Jews Israelis are natural freeinds because we face common threat from the Islamic fanatics . I love israel as much as my country because its fight is just and we would like to wage one on our govt which very badly sees hindus as minority in its own country

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