Judaism in (literally) the strangest places

You’d be amazed where you can find Jewish subject matter; I know I am. As a journalist writing predominantly for the Jewish press, I’ve covered the usual suspects more than I’d care to remember. But the best part of my job is going to the places you’d least expect a Jewish writer to go. It’s always the oddball joints and off the wall locales that make me smile.
My latest grin-inducing jaunt was to the big science-fiction convention in Atlanta, Dragon*Con. Talk about a fashion crime spree… but yes, I did find some Judaism there. I even channeled a little Yoda (as a rabbi during Yom Kippur):

“Much sin, we have committed,” he would intone in that garbled sentence structure. “Repent, we now must. Forgiveness, we must now seek.” It’s all very believable.

OK, so it was funny to me. Read more.

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