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Just a lovely photo stroll through extremism

I was worried that Eli Valley’s last comic relating Zionists to chimpanzees (however awesome and spot on) would be so far past the (paying) Jewish media’s comfort level that nary I’d see his lovingly-inked caricatures of Jewish fundamentalists and Israel-with-us-or-against-us wackos again. (The Forward did not run that last comic, Gawker did.) Thankfully, no, and Valley graces our righteous indignation with an artistic redux of New York’s barf-worthy Israel Day Parade. Click for the full size.
Eli Valley's Photo Stroll at the Israel Day Parade

4 thoughts on “Just a lovely photo stroll through extremism

  1. I’ll say it again, if you love Israel and the Jewish community is important to you, don’t cede space to the extremists. Just because the fanatics and racists in Central Park think they own the meanings of Zionism and Judaism doesn’t mean that most of the kids, families, and old shulgoers marching in the parade agree. You gotta stake a claim and find the wide support we know is out there, or else the loudest, ugliest voices will always win.

  2. Baruch HaShem I don’t live in NYC, so I’ll take chillul Who?’s word that right-wing extremists take over the parade.
    On the other hand, I hope that the J Street crowd keeps its message positive, instead of making the accusation that those of us who might disagree with some of J Street’s positions (engaging Hamas politically, for instance) suffer from the condition where:

    “There’s a rational side that on policy grounds is with us and Obama,” says Jeremy Ben-Ami “and can understand that talking, peace, these are good things, and they’re better than pre-emptive military action. Then there’s their grandmother’s voice in their ear; it’s the emotional side and the communal history, and it’s the fear of not wanting in some way to be responsible for the next great tragedy that will befall the Jewish people.”

    It’s just hard to fathom such arrogance.

  3. Wow. You’re comparing THAT statement with the statements made by the ANTI-J Street crowd, with which the word “vitriolic” would not even begin to characterize some of them.

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