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Today’s JPost reports,

A panel discussion held Tuesday afternoon at a conference in Jerusalem intended to bolster interaction among Taglit-birthright israel alumni and generate new ideas for Jewish activism ended up engendering passionate debate about the structure of the forum itself.
The four-day “ROI120” conference at the capital’s Mishkenot Sha’ananim started on Monday and was organized by Taglit-birthright israel, the Israel Democracy Institute and made possible by the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation and the Marcus Foundation. It brings together 120 birthright graduates who were nominated by their local communities.
[…] The activists expressed surprise at the nebulous structure of the forum Tuesday. Six birthright graduates presented ideas for potential projects to their peers and a panel of five experts from a range of fields.
After the panel’s remarks on the first two presentations, Rabbi Avi Poupko from Harvard University’s Hillel voiced frustration with the structure of the session, saying he had been “existentially insulted” by the forum.
“I have a problem with a situation where a hierarchy is created between the foundations and the people in the field. There should be utmost respect between both the foundations and the people, and this specific forum didn’t represent that,” he said.

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They don’t even know the half of it. How I crave Shabbos…

3 thoughts on “Just a Taste

  1. My daughter just went to Israel for a voluneter program for a month at a day camp.
    Guess who she first saw there? The friends she made on her Birthright tirp from a few years ago!
    Those are good, life long friends she made.
    If she could find a work/study or kibbutz to live and work on I am sure she would be making aliyah, but it is hard to find.

  2. Another awesome article from the Jerusalem Post. Written by two high school students. They really captured the true essence of ROI120.
    Yes. I’m being completely sarcastic. The article was total crap.

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