5 thoughts on “Just when you were starting to imagine the country was turning around…

  1. I think it’s even sadder when Americans take this kind of frivolous nonsense too seriously and make a point of telling everybody within earshot how ashamed they are.

  2. What fucking bullshit.
    As if you couldn’t go into ANY country on this planet and find people who are ten times as ignorant as the people in this video. Comedy or not, to be presenting this kind of image of our country is dishonest and
    condescending. People know what they need to know, bottom line. The ignorance displayed in this video is reflective of our education system, no doubt, but also an indictment of how sheltered our society can be. For someone to be broadcasting it overseas under the message of “Hold on now, Americans really ARE all stupid”, well, that’s just nonsense. I mean, everybody knows that the official religion of Israel is Israeli, and that Buddha was a Muslim. Common knowledge, my friends.
    And besides that fact, we invented this fucking game. It’s a tv show called “Street Smarts”. It’s been around for years. We’re perfectly capable of pointing out how stupid our own people are, but we have the added bonus of doing it for cash and prizes.

  3. Are you seriously telling me that someone wouldn’t know what Al-Qaeda is? I mean you can’t turn on the damn TV without hearing about them. These people would have to NEVER leave their homes or watch tv/computer/newspaper etc. to give some of those answers. Not that I think it is indicative of America as a whole, but i do believe that these specimens cannot use the excuse “people know what they need to know.” They’re just plain morons. Every country has ’em, but I feel like we may have a few more than our fair share. or not…

  4. Umm CNNNN is a very old show by a group of Australia political criticists.
    There new show is called the ‘Chaser’s war on everything’ and if you want to see more clips there all over youtube!
    It is a comedy show and expect things like that and a little bit of proof on how slow Yanks are that came out about 3 years and now everyone goes “Huh, them Kangaroo riding bas***ds are makein’ fun’o’me”.

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