Just Workplaces in Kosher Restaurants – Tav HaYosher Update

Since launching on May 12th, Uri L’Tzedek’s Tav HaYosher has sealed an additional four places in Manhattan (and unfortunately had to remove two).
Check out who’s on, who’s off, and learn more about The Tav here.
Click here to get involved with the campaign to bring just workplaces to Kosher restaurants.

3 thoughts on “Just Workplaces in Kosher Restaurants – Tav HaYosher Update

  1. I love that the wonderful folks at Tav Yosher are doing this.
    I hate that enforcement of workers’ rights have stopped being an affair of government, and that Tav Yosher has to pick up the slack.

  2. What a great program. I’m going to holler at some restaurant owners. No excuse for a restaurant to not have this!

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