5 thoughts on “Justice merges

  1. Progressive Jewish Alliance started off as the West Coast chapter of the American Jewish Congress, after the traditionally liberal national membership organization took its neoconservative turn… a turn that proved fatal for the AJC.
    I hope the merged PJA/JFJ considers trying to take the AJCongress’ seat at the communal table, serving as a counterbalance to the right-wingers in bodies like the Presidents Conference and the Jewish Coalition for Public Affairs.

  2. I think it need to rename itself the Jewish Justice League… or Jewish Alliance for Justice… or the Progressive Fund… or Oh, Yeah!

  3. Good luck employees of the PJA. I used to work for an organization that “merged” with Jewish Funds for Justice. In less than three years they had managed to get rid of every single one of the employees of the organization for whom I had worked.
    I had already left the organization, but nevertheless, I was not impressed.
    If I was working for the PJA, I’d start dusting off my resume.

  4. Empire building is in the air. How long will Chicago’s Jewish Council on Urban Affairs last?

  5. (The latter was the incorporation of the Shefa Fund and the Jewish Fund for Justice, thus the “FundS” tweak in their name.)
    I think they’ve abandoned the capital S (which served primarily to make everyone who had ever worked with them look like they had a typo in their résumé).

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