Kansas Students Harassed Over Passion

Rabbi Mark Levin of Congregation Beth Torah in Overland Park, Kansas, said that “he has received at least four or five reports of local Jewish students being picked on [after their classmates saw Gibson’s film]. One high school student said he had a swastika drawn on his jacket. Another student was apparently called a Christ killer by other kids.”

Meh, this is nothing new. When my new scanner gets here Tuesday, I’ll post the article from The Standard about when I sued my high school in the 11th grade, after a girl called me a “Christ-killer,” denied the Holocaust, and blocked my entrance to the classroom one day, actions which my principal summarily dismissed saying, “The girl’s entitled to her opinion.” I feel for those kids down there, man…

3 thoughts on “Kansas Students Harassed Over Passion

  1. Damn, this is my hood. I used to walk to this guy’s synagogue every once in a while. I haven’t been home since The Passion came out, but I’ve heard there’s been some antisemitic stuff going on, including a Church that was going to host a Jewish-Christian dialogue.
    These high schools are something like 10-15% Jewish. I can’t remember a single incident like this in a public school. When my Jewish school would go play the Christian schools in basketball, some asshole would put swastikas on our bus ever couple of years or so, but the only problems my friends in public school had was the occasionally proselytizing.
    For me, the fact that people in my city have to go through this shit so Mel Gibson could make a little cash and feel better about himself as a Christian is bullshit. That’s why I can never be okay with this movie.

  2. man, that’s great, does the article really have to start with the word “rabbi”? why not just state the facts, it looks like, complaining jews again. oy oy oy.

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