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Katsav Goes Buck Wild on Prime Time

The AP reports,

At a stormy, nationally televised speech at his official residence Wednesday night, [Israeli President Moshe] Katsav professed his innocence and accused the police and media of working together to bring him down, using terms like “witch hunt” and “McCarthyism.” He angrily pounded the podium and his voice cracked during a rambling diatribe that lasted nearly an hour.
“Don’t believe the libel, the defamation, the lies. There is only one truth … I am the target of one of the worst attacks in the history of the state of Israel,” Katsav said, gesturing with a pointed finger, pounding on the podium and shouting at a reporter. He pledged to “fight to my last breath, even if it means a world war, to clear my name.”
He refused to answer questions from reporters in his first appearance before them since the scandal broke six months ago.

After reading that framing of Katsav’s speech, I have to wonder if he’s telling the truth. That story reads like a press resentful of being called out on their shit. Check Katsav out yo:

In Israel 2007, it seems there is no need in this for proofs or for evidence; it’s enough just to hear one side; my fate was decreed even before I could say one word. Not one of you [reporters] has seen one shred of evidence against me. There is no evidence against me.
But you in the press did not allow the facts to bother you. You did not stop for a second to ask yourselves if maybe the accusations are not true. Not one of you asked questions; not one of you – not one radio or TV or newspaper – did an investigative piece to see if it’s true. You transgressed all journalist ethics!
I know what bothered you – that six years ago I was elected President [defeating Shimon Peres]. You wrote at the time that it was the end of Zionism, etc. I should be ashamed of myself? You should be ashamed of yourselves for writing such things about a democratic vote in the legislature!
[…] Yes, it’s the same media of which one journalist wrote that when I was elected President, he felt as bad as he felt the day that Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin was murdered. Can you understand this comparison, citizens of Israel?
[…] I saw myself as a symbol of all those who do not belong to the elitist, ego-swollen clique of those who were born with a silver spoon in their mouths, who see themselves as the only ones worthy of representing the public!
For years, the press looked all over the place for something with which to besmirch me, but thank G-d, they found nothing. They went as far back as my 2nd grade school! But they found zero, they failed; they found nothing. I cannot understand where this hatred comes from, this urge to devour, that takes over the sense of truth and justice.
[…] I admit that I would like to resign now; you have succeeded in taking away the joy of serving in this honorable position. It would be easy for me to quit. I am tired of this witch hunt. But the alternative is to surrender. I refuse to give in to blackmail and lies.
The police set itself a target of convicting a President of the State – yes, this is true. They did this because the police knew it would be popular in the eyes of the media.
Not one of you – no journalists, no politicians, not even my lawyers – have seen the evidence. I know the truth. The evidence is on my side, the truth is on my side.
[…] But I ask you what should a man do if he knows he’s clean, the Attorney General has not decided, and it’s all a libel – should he give up and quit just because of a media lynch? No. I will not cooperate with anyone who wants to execute someone without a trial. You want to execute someone without a trial – do so; I will not cooperate.
McCarthyism has been revived here in Israel. And one of the worst dangers is the cooperation between the police and media. In any normal country, the media are the last line of defense for a citizen who demands simple justice and basic civil rights. When the police persecute people in a totalitarian country, the media rises to protect him. But here the media and the police work together, leak to each other – and the civil rights of the citizens are trampled. Where are the bleeding hearts? Why don’t they raise their voice against this injustice?

Read the full transcript here.

7 thoughts on “Katsav Goes Buck Wild on Prime Time

  1. Yeah….I’m so sure the evil Israeli media is just delighted that their president has been indicted for multiple rape counts. They’re absolutely thrilled at what this is doing for the country and its reputation.
    You poor, unfortunate serial rapist. You are so obviously the real victim here. My heart bleeds.

  2. I can’t say if katzav is innocent or guilty any more than anyone else, but he does seem to be full of shit here.
    He’s not being called upon to quit because he’s assumed guilty. He’s been accused of a serious crime. He is currently in a office that prevents him from being subject to a trial. There have been calls for him to resign so that the trial can take place.
    The media is publicizing that there are accusations against him with enough credibility for it be be worth going to trial. And when that happens, it could be that the story of the accusers will fall apart. Or it could be that he’ll be convicted. Thats for the judges to decide.
    But seeing as katzav is trying to keep himself about the law and above the criminal justice system, I think the media is right to bring attention to it until public pressure pushes him to resign and stand trial.

  3. Yossi Sarid got it right when he asked: what is the motive for this conspiracy to take place at the end of your term? After all, Katzav has left zero imprint on the office….

  4. Torn from the playbook of Clarence Thomas, “President” Katsav not only played the race card early and often – he played it beautifully! Now, the same folks who came out to support Aryeh Deri have a new posterboy for Sephardi victimization by the rapacious Ashkenazi elitist media.

  5. Ach to it all!
    Katzav is what he is, an elitist. His idea that he is better than those by pointing out he is different or he has power. He makes me sick. He also hates on Rabbis of different creeds which doesn’t sit well with this Jew.
    Let him stand trail and let him face the women who have stood up to the abuse.

  6. Katzav may or may not be a rapist. In the previous five posts there seems to be unanymous agreement of his guilt.
    Not having kept up with the story can someone please negate his claims that there is not “evidence” agianst him?

  7. Whether there is “evidence” or not, are Katsav’s broadsides against the media (fine, you hate the media, I get it) AND THE POLICE (wait, aren’t you the President, former minister in government, MK…?) acceptable behaviour from Israel’s President? Is claiming that the investigation of serious charges against him is part of an Ashkenazi conspiracy to destroy him (or any other Sephardi who dares raise his head out of the mud of the ma’abara) a responsible way for any public official to behave? I would like to see Katsav on trial, forced to face his accusers (and alleged victims) before a judge. I would like that trial to be free of the taint of Deri-style tactics or Clarence-Thomas style antics … but it’s a bit late for that now.
    One more thing – if Katsav’s Sephardi blood is being shed by the Ashkenazi media, where is Eli Yishai? Where is HaRav Ovadia to rain down curses on those Ashkenazi vampires? I wonder…

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