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Kein, Annu Yicholim (Yes, We Can)

With Super Tuesday upon us, a music video version of a Barack Obama speech featuring, Jesse Dylan, Common, Scarlett Johansson, and many others, has been forwarded to me more times than the smear emails have. As the JTA notes, two of the only departures from the actual text are when Maya Rubin appears on the screen to say, “Kein, Annu Yicholim” (Yes, We Can).
If you are in a primary state, Jewschool has already urged you to vote today. As for me, I urge you to watch this video before you do.

10 thoughts on “Kein, Annu Yicholim (Yes, We Can)

  1. Many of us fear that Obama’s appeal was based more on his charisma than on policy. Nothing demonstrates that more than this video.

  2. this video sucks. common…john legend…will i am: pretty much a who’s who of soft batch rap/R&B….are we sure this isn’t a gap ad? and how did kanye miss the shoot? did his manicure appointment go over?

  3. Also the “Si, se puede” (yes, it is possible/we can) is a diversion from the text, as well as being ceasar chavez’s famous rally call and probably where the obama campaign got the idea. Anyhow, DK, I couldn’t have put it better myself.

  4. I hate to agree with DK, but… for someone who has shamelessly ripped off SEIU’s slogan, Obama offers rather little to the working people of this country. There’s a lot of rhetoric (nothing wrong with that) but little substance. Bipartisanship is not an end in itself, but a means to make things happen. It’s fine to unite the country – and if Obama wins the primary, I’ll certainly vote for him- but unite us to do what? How about – rip out the horrible health care system and replace it with one that doens’t pander to the insurance companies (to be fair, CLinton’s offering is only a bit better), reverse the weakening of government oversight agencies, including giving some teeth and ethics to the NLRB and FDA, working on overturning the more egregious legislation of the past few years, recover some privacy rights, and protect what’s left?
    I still believe that Edwards was our best, electable, choice, but our media, for whatever reason, known only to themselves, decided to ignore him.
    Obama is, indeed, a Kennedy figure, and as Clinton pointed out, Kennedy, had he lived probably would not have gotten us half the positive changes that JOhnson was able to push through.
    Dreams are important, but so is being clear about goals, and reaching them.

  5. i’m confused by these comments….first of all, the purpose of a video like this *is* to inspire, not to convey fine details of policy proposals.
    secondly, if you’re worried about substance, take some time to actually research this candidate’s platform ( The idea that Obama is lacking clear and substantial policy proposals is ridiculous.

  6. to further AQH’s comments, please recall that Obama did not make this video, rather it was made by celebrities who support his candidacy. the man has plenty of substance, policies, and policy experience (see link above). he has been in elected office than hillary has. this video also highlights his exceptional ability to inspire, and inspiration is an important prerequisite to moving forward and engaging the multitudes of disenfranchised americans.

  7. I think it’s more like “inoculating from claims of anti-Semitism”, nu?
    The left wasn’t the first to bring Obama to the attention of the Jews, you know.

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