2 thoughts on “Kill The Buddha

  1. i can’t weigh in on the so called conflict of “interest” Douglas is being observed to invite. and though i must agree there are bad teachers and crooked tzaddikim, i am having trouble getting pumped up about this “new” issue.
    There are upright people in the world, maybe not continuously righteous, but they are examples to learn from. We can even learn from those who come close to being full-time teachers and/or tzaddiks when they have their bad or off days.
    To the degree we pick and choose a Judaism or evaluate a tzaddik, i hope we do so responding to tradition and the man, not to our feelings about learning or teachers.
    Debunking the false and bogus is good fun and a part of learning, but it is not all of it.

  2. Dito. I dont think its much of an issue, we know factually of miracles and holliness of many different tzadikim beyond a shadow of doubt, so theres no need to even respond , its ludocris.

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