Kiss My Wiener

This mezuzah answers to a “higher authority.” Hebrew National—the company responsible for those not so very kosher hot dogs found in supermarkets and baseball arenas around the country—recently unveiled this ceramic mezuzah, designed by a former student of NYU’s Parsons School of Design. Only $25, parchment not included (and properly noted).

5 thoughts on “Kiss My Wiener

  1. What are the exact facts behind HN not being kosher. I know I’ve been told that, but they seem to claim supervision by rabbis on there site. Are there any websites with info on this out there?

  2. Seems i need to be more careful with what I say. For years the hebrew national hot dogs at shea stadium were known to be off limits to those who kept kosher, not just because they weren’t glatt, but that the hechsher was not a sanctioned one at all by the community. The exact details really escape me, so forgive my ignorance but i do plan to ask the right people, since it seems I started an argument over on the comments at the village idiots page. It seems that the HN hot dogs were recently Picked up by the Triangle K (Rabbi Ralbag) supervision, which has had its own politics and issues for years.

  3. Woah-retraction-I did not by any means mean to imply that anyone who ate the hot dogs were in eating treif, just that by the strictest standards they were not considered permissible.

  4. Shea now has a few select kosher hot dog carts throughout the stadium. If you’re attending a game there this year, just ask a security guard or usher where they’re located, or call the park beforehand.

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