27 thoughts on “Kosher or treyfe?

  1. Hot: OyBaby, the DVD for Jewish Babies!
    Sorry for the crass commercial plug here…we’ve just announced sales of 5,000 units, plans for a sequel, and a blog to chronicle the sequel and things tangentially related to it.
    Ask any Jewish 1 year old…OyBaby is most definitely in compliance with the laws of kashrut!
    Check us out and let me know what you think.

  2. Kosher: Natalie Portman (shayne meidel, good actress.)
    Treyfe: Tara Reid (All boob with less brains than a pippik)

  3. annoying people who comment on JewSchool?
    Perhaps you are the one who is annoying.
    Today I am not a jrunk man. now you LISTEN:
    Coming again cause we missed a hut first time,
    Israel, FUCK YEAH!
    Judaism is the only way yeah,
    Terrorist your game is through cause now you have to answer too,
    Israel, FUCK YEAH!
    So lick my tuchis, and suck on my dork,
    Israel, FUCK YEAH!
    What you going to do when we come for you now,
    it’s the hope that we all share; why buy when you can borrow
    White Steak, FUCK YEAH!
    Jewish taxi drivers, FUCK YEAH!
    Armored bulldozers, FUCK YEAH!
    Purity of Arms, FUCK YEAH!
    The Maccabees, FUCK YEAH!
    Big old American teat, FUCK YEAH!
    Army Radio, FUCK, YEAH!
    We got Eichmann, bitches, FUCK YEAH!
    Infected Mushroom, FUCK YEAH!
    International impunity, FUCK YEAH!
    Seven for seven, bitches, FUCK YEAH!

  4. Here is my initial, partial list, and I am a little dissapointed at the comments I have read so far. I will make more later.
    Hot: Dershowitz
    Not: Chomsky
    Hot: Israeli Punk Rock
    Not: Israeli Gangsta Rap
    Hot: Heeb Magazine
    Not: Hadassah Magazine
    Hot: Campus J
    Not: Campus Crusade for Christ
    Hot: Natalie Portman
    Not: Shiri Appleby
    I will have more, and I want some jewschool blogroll action for my site as well!!! Support fellow jewish bloggers!
    Cheers, great job on this site, by the way

  5. HOT: Daf-yomi
    not: fiction
    HOT: Jews and Judaism
    not: assimilation
    HOT: Nefesh B’nefesh
    not: the Israeli ghettos in the galut
    HOT: Chesed
    not: caring about yourself

  6. but if i am only for me, then what am I?
    Hot: Israeli Hip-Hop/Rap
    Not: Israeli Punk Rock
    Hot: The Torah
    Not: The NT
    Hot: Chabad
    Not: Christian missionaries
    Hot: Being Tznius
    Not: Cankles

  7. hot: nachlaot
    not: old city
    hot: roasted chick peas
    not: shwarma
    hot: lettershin.com
    not: sheket b vakasha, hey!
    hot: Pardes Chana
    not: Safed, fucking cops!
    hot: post-messianic chassidis
    not: dogma, even beautiful ones
    hot: being
    not: talking
    hot: freestyling
    not: singing reggae nationalisticly
    for that matter
    not: nationalism
    hot: an

  8. Hot: Pulling out of Gaza
    Not: Pulling out . . .
    Hot: Wearing a “Ramah Girls are Easy” shirt
    Not: Being an “Easy Ramah Girl.”
    Hot: Magen David “Bling”
    Not: Moses is my Homeboy hats, t-shirts, yarmulkes, etc.
    Hot: Meeting people in real life
    Not: J Date (don’t even get me started)

  9. Hot: Tel Aviv – Arlozorov / 2000 Terminal Bus Station
    Not: Tel Aviv – Central Bus Station
    Hot: Kosher McDonalds in the airport
    Not: Non-Kosher McDonalds on ‘Emeq Refa’im
    speaking of which…
    Hot: Old Airport
    Not: New Airport

  10. hot: the Israeli National ice hockey team.
    not: the Israeli National ultimate frisbee team.

  11. does anyone have any advice on a good program that takes high schoolers from america to israel for free??

  12. fucking jewish you took my life without my permission
    go back to israel before we kick you out of america by ourself

  13. hey i looking for tight and wet jewsh pussy (cunt) for fuking . my motto is the best pleasure in jeush tight pussy cat girls , now u send me some hot pussy cat girls pic

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