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Kosher organic…turkey?

This is a long-overdue shout-out to my friends Naf and Anna Hanau — friends and former coworkers from my days at Hazon — for their entry this summer into the micro-enterprise field of kosher organics. Naf went so far as to receive shochet training himself and together with wife and Jewish food educator extraordinaire Anna, have sourced chickens and turkeys from all-natural farmers in upstate New York and in Pennsylvania.
And now, just in time for Thanksgiving, they are delivering kosher organic turkeys to the NYC area.
Know another organic and kosher provider? Let us know in the comments.
[Post-note: Naf informs me the turkeys are pastured, which is better than organic. They don’t pay for certification and thus can’t/don’t use the term organic. The use here is mine.]

3 thoughts on “Kosher organic…turkey?

  1. this is awesome. i’ve been vegematarian off and on for 15 years, and a big part of the ‘on’ is how animals are raised for food in our society (factory farming etc). if i could get free range organic kosher meat, i would eat it.

  2. I’ve had their chicken on several occasions and it is amazing. Naf and Anna run an amazing company that you can feel good about supporting, in addition to being some of the nicest folks you could meet.
    And the chicken is seriously delicious! Give them a try if you haven’t tasted it…

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