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kosher tailgate party

From my Uncle Richie comes this story about Jews at a tailgate party in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.
What’s really cool about the story, imo, is that it’s from a regular old perspective — it’s not a Chabad story, it’s not even really a story aimed at Jews. Hidden inside is the subtext of a Packers offensive lineman who became baal teshuva, but at the story’s heart it’s middle America seeing religious Jews as, hey wait!, they’re normal folks who do this instead of going to church on Sunday.
Check this out:

The group’s morning prayers include the use of a prayer book.

Pretty awesome, no? In the end, the article finishes on a high note: “‘I think it’s important to be proud of being Jewish,’ said Veingrad, the former Packers offensive lineman.” Word.

6 thoughts on “kosher tailgate party

  1. There was an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer a couple years ago about a regular kosher tailgate at Eagles games. Of course, that story read more like a hidden PR piece for the kosher butcher from Cherry Hill that hosted the party.

  2. meh, you have to go into philly to get to the kosher butcher that will talk at you in yiddish (whether or not you understand a word) and try to send your vegetarian kids home with a package of cold cuts in paper labled ‘for nosh’…the folks in cherry hill just can’t hold up to that.

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