4 thoughts on “L-JOE: Last Jew On Earth

  1. …and of course the purpose of Jewish education is to perpetuate the Jewish genus. Who should all look like old haredi men with beards.

  2. So I guess it’s safe to assume from this promotional video that Judaica Institute does not welcome children of intermarriage into its school, as intermarriage (or “intergalactic” marriage) is causing Jewish extinction. Either that, or JI is the “cure” for intermarriage just as it is the cure for Jewish apathy. Either way, as an intermarried person, I get the hint and I will look for other venues to educate my children as Jews.
    You are clearly a very talented animator and musician, and I appreciate a lot of your work. But I don’t think you’re delving very deeply if you continue to operate on the old-school assumptions that the Jews are disappearing and we need to scare them into affiliation with Jewish institutions to prevent it. Nothing in this video tells me how JI increases Jewish knowledge, identity, or joy.

  3. Oh, I was trying to imply that Jews had left planet Earth for intergalactic marriage with space aliens. I didn’t think to animate them flying away in UFOs, but I guess I should have. I wasn’t trying to say anything about interfaith marriage at all, just play off the familiar phrase.

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