4 thoughts on “L. Ron Hubbard: Nazi Hunter

  1. The first time i entered the subways after my return to the city I decided to take the scientologist’s Stress Test. Apparantely every time u squeeze the handle of the stress-meter, the needle jobs.

  2. I started commuting to work in the city about two months ago. Those stress testers fell far under the radar. Until I saw that they had copies of Dianetics on hand. Me and my friend have been harassing them every time we go by. If there’s anyone sitting there we kindly inform them they are talking to crazy culties who beleive an alien named Xenu and who also believe they are going to get super powers all for the low low price of a few $$$$. It’s fun as hell. They threaten to call the cops so many times, but they never do since they fear them as well.
    One of these days I’m going to go down there with a whole crew before they get there, and spend all day giving out “free intelligence tests”.
    Question 1) who are those stress test people?
    Answer 1) Scientologists, a crazy cult that takes advantage of stupid, poor and emotionally troubled people to take their money.

  3. i heard actually that they don’t tell you about the Xenu thing until you are really deep into scientology, so the people working the stress test tables might not even know about it. then again, the beans have obvi been spilled since we know about it here, so…

  4. even deeper in scientoligists know that xenu is purely metaphorical. even if he once manifested literally and tried to eat the stars.

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